Saturday, April 12, 2008

recent obsessions

When I started this blog nine months ago...and when I revived it about a month ago, my intentions were to use this as a way to keep my friends and family in the loop on the happenings with my kids and sort of like an on-line memory book...well as it turns out, I seem to write much mroe about myself than I do about my seeds. Maybe I need to re-think my "vision"...with that being said, here is a list of my current obsessions and favorite things:

Arizona Sweet is the only beverage I find refreshing that does not give me heart burn so bad I feel like I'm going to blow fire ala the dragons in fairy tales (TMI? sorry, it really is that bad). So I've been buying this tea like it's nobody's bidniss...the guy who works at the corner store by my parent's house chuckles when I waddle in because he knows exactly what I'm going to buy...and when I come in an hour later for another can he just smiles at me, he must suffer from reflux, I think he feels my pain.

Sweet Tea

Kerri Russell


Why you ask? Because the last two movies I rented and absolutely fell in love with were August Rush

August Rush

and Waitress


Oh man, if you haven't seen those...go rent them. They were tear jerkers but with happy endings and I just loved them. Both movies are totally far fetched, but whatever...I don't watch movies for the reality of them, I want to FEEL good and they both accomplished that. So Keri Russell...she's my girl. Plus I think she's so cute. Love her. Moving on.

Was is my pregnancy hormones? Did this make anyone else cry? I just love this song and I love that they played it on American Idol, I don't care what their motives was nice to hear a "church song" as Hunter calls it, on prime time TV.

**Quick side love of AI on Wednesday was challeneged on Thursday when Michael Johns got the boot. It reminded me of when Chris Daughtry got elimnated and I quit watching for the remainder of the season. I've since decided that not winning was the best thing that could have happened to him and I'm hoping the same for MJ...I LOVED his Dream On preformance and I love his accent. I'll buy his CD when it comes out, and I'm sure it will**

This is a Mini Donkey...I want two when we move to Montana. I want them BAD, it'll be like having horses but way better...because they're MINI. My friend's sister has a few minis at her little ranch in San Marcos and she says they're a lot of fun. Plus Hunter's a cowboy and unfortunatley his Mom is terrified of horses and most other animals, large or small, so a mini is about the best he'll get.

mini donkey

3 Muskateers needs no explanation, it's delicious


The beauty sitting next to my in the green shirt is my great friend who's also named Erin, I like to call her Erinly...she lives in CT (by way of Tomball) and I LOVE her, if she lived closer we'd probably be joined at the hip...


Anways, I was admiring this tote bag from LL Bean she'd gotten as a bridal party gift, so what did I find on my door step this morning? THE TOTE red, with my name on it...and a sweet note that said Mommy needed a gift with all the things people were buying for baby. It was so thoughtful! Totally made me tear up. I put my purse inside it just so I could carry it around today!


At work on Thursday the Fed Ex guy brought me a box from 1-800-flowers. My hotness sent me a bouquet of tulips that was so big they almost didn't fit in the vase that came with them! They are so beautiful and it was so unexpected...the note said, "See you soon. I love you". You're jealous aren't you? I don't blame you. He's amazing like that. AMAZING I tell you.


Anyways...I could go on, but it's 12:28 and my girl wakes me up at 7:15am on the there are a few things I'm in love with right now. I know you didn't ask, but I thought I'd share anwyays...I'm thoughtful like that :)

Good night,



Amanda said...

I LOVED Waitress! "Bad baby pie." For weeks I made up pie names but no one got it. I thought it had a great ending. And August Rush was also amazing. I will never see Robin Williams the same, though. He was like a scary Leprechaun. Haven't tried that candy bar but I need to asap! How sweet of your man to send tulips. He's a good one.

Keri said...

I also loved Waitress! I haven't seen August Rush yet but it's on my Netflix list. I've always been a Keri Russell fan...not only because of her rockstar name! :)

I'm thinking I need to try that tea. I was addicted to the sweet tea from McDonald's and then they tore down our McDonald's to build a new one! Boohoo! I've been missing it.

Leigh said...

1. I am going to rent Waitress. Someone else told me it was good too.
2. LOVE the mint 3 muscateers. OH, yum!
3. Jealous of the flowers. How sweet!
4. Montana-how cool is that? And with mini donkeys, even cooler.
5. Erin #1 & #2 are adorable.