Friday, April 4, 2008

random things overheard at my parents house

Shout out to double digits on my site meter...woo hoo, ya I said double

Like every Friday, we're over at my parents house...I'm laying on the couch enjoying the free time I get when my kids are playing with Grandma and Grandpa when it just occured to me to take note of some of the things you can overhear in this living room:

Grandma to Hunter, "it makes Jesus happy when you share with Cierra"...if you throw Jesus in the mix you can get my kids to do most anything.

Hunter to Cierra "eat it, it's cowgirl food"...if you call anything cowboy food Hunter will eat it and I guess he assumed the same for CC, he was right...she ate it.

Hunter busting out in random song lyrics, "I heard the door slam, I couldn't tell, was it just the wind or was she mad again? oh yeaaaa, she's gettin in her car"

my Dad, after eating a few packages of Zingers, "I need to go to some sort of rehab for sugar, step away from the Hostess..."

me to Hunter, "I can fit both of your bootie cheeks in one of my hands...that's amazing" Hunter hates it when I demonstrate this fact to people. I love his narrow little hiney.

Hunter, "it's Marshall time...but I'm not the Marshall, I'm Wyatt Earp" taking off his pirate dress up clothes to put his brown suede vest with fringe on instead,"I'm going to use my six shooter, I need to practice for when I'm six and get a REAL six shooter"...ummmmm

My Mom and Hunter, "it's not a kitty, it's a whale" "oh ya, it could be a whale", how can something be a kitty or a whale? those aren't even close!

Me to CC, "oh good job sew-er girl" (she's playing with this little pretend sewing thing) CC: "I not sew-er girl, I sew-er Paul Scheidt"...Hunter's middle and last name are Paul Schiedt, CC is Cierra Grace Pesak but right now everyone ends in Paul Scheidt to's hilarious.

Cierra to Grandma, "I trouble...I trouble Paul Scheidt", I rest my case.

Hunter, "Oh the horse's name is Lilly? Scooby Doo would say it Rirry"...he likes to translate words into Scooby talk

Cierra to Grandma "look, I got BOOBIES"...she's a little obsessed, for her third birthday she got a Barbie and the first thing she noticed was her boobies...oh here we go again, my Mom to Cierra "are you going to sew this kitty?" CC "ya, I sew kitty boobies"

I love my family...


The Silva's said...

That is too funny!!! They come up with the silliest things! Hope you are feeling well1