Wednesday, September 10, 2008

the first, last and only...

Yall are in for a you are all privy to the first, last and only recipe post yall will see on my mess of a blog. Mainly because if I didn't come up with the recipe I have a hard time taking credit for anything. But this little diddy...threw this one together on my own. WOO HOO.

I LOVE to cook. I cook three meals a day and usually a dessert or two a week. This is a) the reason I haven't lost baby weight and b) the reason my parents let me and my plethora of kids come over every night (and live with them for two weeks while our house is in between here and Montana)

And now I'm going to stop being so hard on myself and re-do the first paragraph. I come up with originial recipes quite often, it's usually from throwing together whatever's on hand and seeing what we can come up with. It almost always turns out well. I've only had one bomb lately and that was because I used hot Italian sausage and it was toooooo hot. The reason I'd have a hard time posting recipes though is because I could never explain the measurements...I'm a "some of this" "little more of that" kind of gal. I have the hardest time recreating anything I've how can I possible explain it to yall? We'll I'll try ok.

I'm making this way too ramble-esq. Here we go:

We had a roast the other night so I decided the leftovers needed a good home.

-1 to 1-1/2 cups of the shredded roast
-1 of those itty bitty cans of green chilis (that are super cheap so you should always have them on hand...they add a touch of mexi to anything you make)
-the left over corn from roast night...I'd say it was about 1/2 a cup...and frozen corn has a more crunchy texture similar to fresh corn, and in my opinion frozen corn is something you buy the brand name version of...Bird's Eye Super Sweet Corn in the Steam-in-Bag is the BEST.
-a plethora of shredded cheese (I always have a ginormous block of colby jack because it is the most versatile and you can snack on it too...but I was at my Mom's and she had about 1/2 a bag of the pre-shredded stuff left so I used that)

-egg roll wrappers...they live in the produce section with the weird veggie-soy-cheese things...usually next to the packaged fresh herbs. Egg roll wrappers and won ton wrappers need to become your friend. You can make soooooo many things with these babies and they're easy to use and inexpensive. Wally has them for $1.97 a package...that will work for a few meals!

Now for the assembly...oh, go back and pre-heat your oven to 350...when you open the egg roll wrappers put a damp paper towel on top of them so they don't dry out.

lay one wrapper out and put a good spoon full of your meat mixture on the diagonal...dip your finger in the little bowl of water I forgot to tell you to get out and run it around the edges so it sticks all good to itself ("it" being the wrapper here)

so you have the meat in on the diag...roll that bottom corner around the meat, tuck the edges under, roll some more and when you just have that top corner hanging out, put some more water on your finger and make sure it's all coated (lightly damp) and it'll stick to the already rolled section beautifully. Did that make any sense? I should have taken pics last night.

once all your diddy's are wrapped and rolled...I brushed the tops with melted butter and sprinkled them with coarse sea salt...baked them at 350 for some minutes (forgot how many) until they get semi golden and look delicious. And they are...they are delicious. They won't look as brown as if you fried them, so don't hold out for that color...but you'll know when they're done.

Good grief...I made that more difficult than it should have been.

Oh...and if you don't just happen to have leftover roast on could use any ol' shredded meat, just make sure it's not greasy and not covered in gravy because I feel like it would make the wrappers gooey or something.

That was a fun time of go forth and buy some egg roll wrappers :)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My school boy

My baby is in Kindergarten...bittersweet to say the least. He's such a big boy. I was praying he'd have a wonderful teacher. Someone who actually cared about their students, a teacher like my friend Missy...and it seems my prayers were answered. Hunt's teacher is soooo sweet and she really put this Mom's mind and heart at ease.

He's on his third week already but yall know I'm not the post prompt picture poster (ahhh, alliteration, I love it). Just thought I'd share!

A change in vocabulary

In less than a week I'll be trading in my "yalls" for "you guys".

It's like when you're about to have your baby...the nine months that once felt like an eternity has suddenly crept up on you and you feel ridiculously unprepared.

Kevin got his job in Montana back in January so the fact that we're moving up there, eight months later, should be old news to me by now...but instead I feel rushed. I have all these Texan things I need to do in the next few days.

I need to eat more mexican food. I need to say "fixin to" as much as humanly possible. I need to go to Jack In The Box, and Sonic...and Whataburger. I need Blue Bell ice cream. I need to go to HEB. I need to break a sweat putting my kids in the the "fall". I need to stock up on bottled water during hurricane season.

What happens when I get sick and I need my Mommy? I may be 27 (ok, well practically 28) but when I get sick I still want my Mommy. She'll be 2000 miles away!!!!!!! United better come down on airfare the first time I get sick, that's all I have to say about that.

But you know what? I'm going to get to see FALL yall. (that's the season when I hear leaves change and the weather is all crisp and beautiful...I've never seen one for myself but that's the rumor). I get to dress my kids up in warm Halloween costumes. WE GET TO BUILD A SNOW MAN. I get to wake up next to my man every morning. We get to go to church as a family.

My Mom's been telling me that life is all about change, and it is! People move. They make new friends. They get used to new climates (yall it was 48 degrees this morning in Missoula...I'm just going to leave it at that). They travel to see their parents. Not everyone is lucky enough to live 3 minutes from their Mommy. So I'll just adjust. I'll miss my friends and family like CRAZY and I'll miss so much about Texas too, but I'll take this new chapter of my life in stride...and I'll wear Don't Mess With Texas t-shirts every chance I can. A girl's gotta represent.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


I AM … losing my blogging motivation. I think I need to change up my page and get going with a new theme or something.

I WANT… to go a whole day without comparing myself to every other Mother I see or hear about.

I HAVE … a ridiculous addiction to chewing my cuticles, especially when I'm nervous. They're absolutely RAW right now.

I KEEP … receipts in my wallet, and I don't know why...I never even look at them again and they just create more clutter.

I WISH I COULD … love my body for the things it's accomplished instead of hate it for being all big and cushy.

I HATE ... that I have a laundry list of things I hate to chose from on this one.

I FEAR … what will happen if we elect a smooth talker who doesn't even like the country we could put him in charge of.

I HEAR … Ryland talking...she's found her voice and boy does she love it!

I DON’T THINK … I'm any less deserving of God's blessing just because I live a life that's different than yours.

I REGRET … asking too many people's opinions about decisions I need to make on my own.

I LOVE … my kids and Kevin more than I can ever describe in words.

I AM NOT … married.

I DANCE … with my kids to Miley Cyrus and the Camp Rock songs.

I SING … "Ryland Ryland bo byland banana fana fo fyland me my mo myland...Ryland" and "Hunter Hunter bo bunter banana fana fo funter me my mo munter...Hunter" but doing it for Cierra trips me up. I drive my kids crazy with that.

I NEVER … use coupons....ME NEITHER

I RARELY … answer the phone when you call. It's not intentional, my phone stays on vibrate because I can't stand any of the ring tone options.

I CRY WHEN I WATCH … pretty much anything. I'm super emotional. Have yall seen the Carrie Underwood video for "Just a Dream"???

I AM NOT ALWAYS … on my best behavior.

I HATE THAT … Sarah Palin's abilities as a Mother are being questioned because her teenage daughter is pregnant. Can yall imagine if our Moms were held accountable for all of our bad decisions? Lord have mercy.

I’M CONFUSED ABOUT … my inability to answer this question!

I NEED … a glass of water.

I SHOULD … get off the computer.