Friday, March 28, 2008

Girls Weekend

Hunt's at his Daddy's so once again CC and I are having a "Girls Weekend"!

We started it out at the big new beautiful HEB, which is really my equivalent of going to the mall. Since clothes shopping has SIGNIFICANTLY lost it's appeal, I prefer to wander the aisles of the greatest grocery store known to man. You question my obsession of this culinary mecca? My girl friend Amanda posted a blog about it too, so there. Anyways, baby sister was craving some chirizo and eggs in fresh tortillas and knowing that HEB's Tortilliaria (or whatever) makes the best tortillas you can buy, that served as my perfect excuse to drive past four other grocery stores and hit up the heeeeeb. Of course I was lured in to the produce section which is absolutely out of control. I mean there are 900 varieties of mushrooms, every kind of leafy green, ALL the fresh herbs your heart can desire...and don't get me started on the fruit (I got a Tucson's like a cantaloupe times a million). So I got a few things to make a salad (some romaine, baby spinach, a huge green apple), then I saw this little package of varietal tiny tomatoes...are you kidding me? They deserved some fresh mozzarella and a back track to grab some fresh basil (which was packaged with the roots attached so you can put it in a vase and now my kitchen smells glorious)...then I saw the sushi, baby needed a tempura roll. Fresh salmon and a gorgeous steak both on special (practically giving them away)...oh ya, the chorizo I came in for...oh I need cheese for my breakfast tacos, oh and some crumbled gorgonzola to go in my salad with the green apple, quick jaunt over to the specialty nuts for some glazed walnuts (this salad sounds amazing), can't forget my tortillas...I'm feeling faint, they're still warm. Oh man, spicy hummus? I need some pita chips. With that I walked (really it's more of a hobble these days, I'm ridiculously pregnant) directly to the check out, this trip was getting out of control.

So what will CC and I be doing this Girls Weekend? Um, eating deliciousness....what else? I was so excited I had to call my Dad. I smiled the entire time I put the groceries away. In hindsight I should have got some eggs, seeing as they're an integral part of my breakfast tacos...and I'm now craving some sourdough bread too, does this mean I should go back?

The beautiful thing is, Cierra enjoyed herself as much as I did...they had snacks out everywhere you looked...and my girl's an eater. I think she got it from me, nature vs. nurture...nurture won out this time! And just as I type this she's climbing on the couch to give me kisses and say, "I love my Mommy"...and she kisses my belly and says "I love baby LoLo". I'm excited for our Girls Weekend, they're a special time for the two of us...I always miss Hunter when he's at his Daddy's but these times alone with Cierra are special.

As lucky as I am to have met Kevin and fallen in love with the man of my dreams, him bringing CC into my life has been as much of a blessing. I never understood how people could honestly love adopted and step children as much as their own, but let me tell you...she is my daughter in every sense of the word, and I'm her Mommy just the same. Hunter is her brother and she's his sister, my parents are her grand parents and Trevor's her uncle. I love her just as I would if I'd have given birth to her and nothing will ever change that.

She's my GIRL and this weekend we'll probably look at some baby stuff with Grandma, definitely hang out with Grandpa and Claudius the Wonder Dog, maybe play at the park with Trevor and Fia...but for sure we'll enjoy our girl time...and eat eat eat :)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

random JCI trivia

Did yall know that if you drop chili from a James Coney Island chili dog on your jeans it will turn green after it has time to set?

Also, did you know that in order to take drive-thru orders at the JCI on 290 & Hollister you have to be rude and unpleasant?

Furthermore, did you know that if you smile at and are friendly to the aforementioned drive thru order taker you will make her smile and thus make yourself feel happy in return?

It's true...all of it,

Thursday...29 days

I think today makes it 29 days and counting right? I'm bad at math.

Anywho, I've had a ROUGH week at work, my "other half" here (we share the same job duties) is out recovering from some pretty intense surgery and won't be back until after I leave for the baby so I'm keeping VERY busy handling both of our work loads...and to put it nicely, my boss is a bit of a ____ I'm struggling to find the right word to put there, he's intense, we'll leave it at that. I'm determined to not dwell on the negative, I bring home a much needed pay check every week so it could be worse. With that being said, the first thing I do every morning is pray for a good attitude, thank the Lord for providing for my family, ask for the ability to stay focused during the day and not let my mind linger on the negative...etc.

Well today, this week, it's just not working...I need something stronger. Maybe it's the cold my kids were so kind to share with me, maybe it's the realization that my days of having numerous Mexican food establishments at my disposal are numbered, maybe it's the moon...I don't know, but I'm going to write down my thankful prayer in list format for easier access so I can refer back to it as many times today as needed. Tomorrow I WILL have a better attitude...I'm going to make sure of it.

Dear Cheesus (that's what my kids say and it makes me smile, I need the smile),

  • Thank you for allowing me to still be able to breath out of my mouth since no air is being passed through my nasal cavaties at this point.
  • Thank you for giving man the ability to develop Burts Bees, the greatest chapstick on the planet, I mean in the galaxy. The yellow packaging makes me happy and since my lips have the texture of sand paper from breathing only out of my mouth for four days...I've gotten to spend a lot of quality time with it's cheerfull yellow wrapper.
  • Thank you for jury duty and for selecting my boss to serve this morning. You knew when I was at my breaking point and you provided me with a much needed respit (did I use that word correctly?).
  • Thank you for making Cierra a morning person. She is the happiest person you've ever met at 6:45 am and her "gooooood mornin Mommy" is the perfect antecdote to my grumpiness. I rest my case:

  • Thank you for velveeta. I'm not entirely sure it's cheese but I love it and for that, I thank you.
  • Thank you for Al Gore. The world wide web is a wonderful tool. My days would be unbearable without it. You know this from the few months I worked at TCM Forklifts (a company who still doesn't believe in the internet or communicating via e-mail). Those tragic weeks were a very dark time for me and I thank you for giving me that opportunity to appreciate Mr. Gore's "invention" in all of its glory.
  • Thank you for allowing my baby to continue on cooking in my belly...and this is a big one. The last month of pregnancy is an uncomfortable time, to put it mildly, but I would be 9,000 times more uncomfortable watching my baby grow in the NICU because she was born too early. On that same note, thank you for all of the miracles you've shown us through Coy and his continued growth and development.
  • Thank you for the three hours of sleep I get every night. I know you're preparing my body for life with a newborn...thank you for easing a sister into it.
  • Thank you for girl scouts...thank you especially for the particular girl scout who decided that selling cookies was a good idea. Thank you for the Thank Yous and Lemonades that live in my bottom drawer here at work.
  • Thank you for paychecks...especially the one I'm about to receive that makes this stressful week worth it.

Man, I feel better already!!!!!! My mind is overflowing of things I am thankful for, James Coney Island, Hawaiian Punch Jelly Beans, Miley Cyrus' song that's stuck in my head (I love her), the turqouise ring my parents gave me that makes me happy when I look at it, my new blogging / e-mail friend who just sent me a message thus giving me something to do other than work for five more minutes. See, nothing to be negative about here!!!!!!

Alright, back to work and now begins the second half of my day...which will be a positive one! Thank you for allowing me to indulge :)


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Daddy's getting ready

If you ignore the cute is this picture???? My good friend Jenny gave me this sling and apparently I'm sling deficient because I swear it doesn't fit. It seems too small for me, so all 6'4" 225 ex-NFL of Kevin is showing me that if it fits him, it's probably fine for me. He even added a dolly to prove his point. And what was the ultimate outcome? "I really like this thing" much do you want to bet he wears it as much as I do? :)

Monday, March 24, 2008

Little Rodeo Action

Kev & I took the kids to the Rodeo...pretty much Hunter's favorite place on here are the pics, in no particular order b/c as I've previously mentioned...I've yet to master the picture posting part of the blog world :)

Hunt practicing his pitches

Kevin played professional football, not baseball...but he looked good trying!

My seeds watching some bull riding during lunch

I love this picture

"corndogs are what kids are supposed to eat at the Rodeo" - HPS

Cierra agrees

This is so Kevin and CC

Cierra's favorite ride at the entire HLSR...the escalator

Please disregard the large pale pregnant woman in the background (and shame on those Mom pants...with tennis shoes...ugh) and pay attention to Hunter's rodeo debut...Mutton Bustin Contest. We had no idea what it was but apparently the kids ride sheep decked out in bull riders gear. It was awesome, Hunt was so intense about it. He now wants a sheep when we move to Montana so that he can practice!

Hunt post ride...notice the dirt encrusted snot trail out of his nose. I think it's adorable but he said I shouldn't post it because "some kids may think it's blood and get scared"...he's so thoughtful. A thoughtful tough cowboy!
...and his cute little dirty Wranglers.

Ah, back to familiar territory...this is our third year on the mechanical bull and we are a much better bull rider than sheep rider, I mean mutton buster.

Hunt in the parking lot of the my head he's thinking about how he can thank his wonderful Mom and "Daddy Kev" for taking him on such a fun outing.
Rock on boys!
Cierra wasn't feeling the photo-op...neither was Mom but I felt the need to include a few pics of us since the rest are all boys!
The kids watching the pig races.

My attempt at posting videos:

32 days and counting

Today is a sad day...this morning we got to say goodbye to Kevin again. It was especially hard pulling out of the driveway this morning with him still standing there, in fact I'm tearing up again just writing about it. I really realized this trip home that it isn't that I NEED him here, I just really WANT him here. I've found that I am capable of so much more than I ever thought, but I really just prefer to have him around...besides being super helpful around the house and with the kids, he's also great company, and SO easy on the eyes :)

I rest my case:

I had a good friend tell me once that it wasn't that she couldn't live without her husband...physically she'd still be breathing every day, and she was secure enough in herself that she knew she could go on...she just plain didn't WANT to live without him. That is so how I feel right now. I know I can manage the kids and the house on my own, I've been doing it...and I'm thankful for this time that I've had to do so because it's shown me that I can. But it's also shown me that I really am with the right person. Kevin really is "the" guy for me. Could I live without him (if I had to)? Sure. But do I want to? No way. It's actually such a wonderful feeling to know, without a doubt, that the person you're with makes your life better. He's the frosting. And that's how I think it should be! It's not like that horrible line from Jerry McGuire, he doesn't "complete" me...I complete me, my kids, God...they complete me, he just makes my life happy and wonderful. Talk about easing some pressure off a relationship! I couldn't imagine carrying around the burden of making his life whole and I wouldn't expect him to do that for me either. We're in a place of mutual respect, love and admiration...and we're going to have a baby to show for it. How's that for amazing?

So it's 32 days and counting until his next trip home, which means I'm 35 days away from my due date...can that be right? Wow. So last night we enjoyed what could be our last evening together as a family of four, and this morning Kevin said goodbye to my pregnant tummy for possibly the last time. It's kind of surreal to think that the next time we see him I'll be going in to labor and the kids will have a baby sister. Where did the last eight months go? Isn't that always how it is? 40 weeks seems like forever when you're 7 weeks pregnant and the next thing you know you're 35 weeks pregnant and wondering where all that time in between went. I really want to spend the next 4-5 weeks enjoying my kids and showing them the attention I'm sure they'll miss once the baby comes. I'm really going to make an effort to enjoy these next few weeks instead of complaining about being nine million months pregnant and being sad about missing Kevin. These are the last 35 days I'll be a mother of two and some of the last times I'll be able to lay on the couch blogging about nothing and watching Emeril while the kids play ninja-cowboy-kitchen-babies upstairs...and I'm going to make the best of it!

And just for fun because I know I'll enjoy looking back on this....the baby names we have discussed for "chister" are:

Logan (Kevin likes the idea of calling her LoLa and CC says LoLo)
Mason (I'd call her Macie when she's little)
Taylor (Hunter's vote)
Ruby - not really on the list, I just love it but both Kevin and my Mom don't so that kind of knocks it out of the running
Blake (Lauren's idea and I love it)
Kayla - Kevin's fav for a while, I never got into it...not happening

And in case we get another "surprise, she grew a's a boy" we'll name him Maverick Wayne (or maybe Levi Wayne but Levi's getting popular and I'm pretty sure not many other people will name their sons after a character from Top Gun, just a guess). And yes, I know...Wayne is the most popular middle name for serial killers, but it's also Kevin's middle name and heritage trumps coincidence any day in my book.

I'll post lots of pictures from Easter once I compile them from all the different cameras, but for now this ramble is done.


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

today in a nut shell....or make it an egg shell

There's no real way for me to segway between this evenings events, so maybe list format is the way to go...we'll give it a shot.

1. Right after work the kids and I met Sophia and Lindsey at CiCis for dinner...exciting, I know. I'm a total health nut, I only feed my kids the best. Anyways, the kids favorite thing about eating at CiCis are the games. Those games happen to also be my least favorite thing about eating at CiCis...we agree to disagree on that point. Now while Hunter is (almost) big enough to play the actual arcade games, CC is pretty much content to climb all over the Spiderman car.

**Novice blogger disclaimer...I'm horrible at posting pictures on this here blogspot, they all come up in the wrong order and I can't just insert them, I have to put them in at the beginning (and attempt to upload them backwards) then type around them, so the pics below are not in the right order**

So the kids are playing while the girls and I are chatting and I look over to see Cierra with her arm around Spiderman...and she proceeds to kiss him on the cheek. It is pure hilarity. I thank my lucky stars I had my camera in my purse to catch this! She totally sees me taking pictures at this point but being that she loves to preform for the camera, she keeps on going...when Hunt sees me taking pictures of Cierra he has to jump in the car next for his turn, which is to be's how we roll around here. See below, HILARIOUS! Oh, and the green spot on CC's face is a tattoo left over from St. Patty's Day at school...she won't let me take it off.

2. After dinner we come home and the kids are DYING to peel the eggs they colored at school...of course they had to be the ones to peel them, see below for how well that worked out! Then they tried the eggs, hated the eggs, threw said eggs in the trash...and that is that. Hunter said he likes his eggs better cooked and once you make them a color they get gross. Ok.

3. Lastly, I'm no Pioneer Woman (yet...just wait until I'm in Montana, then it's ON Ree) but I just have to brag on my mad culinary skillz real quick. I made my first pie crust tonight. It may not be pretty, but it's from SCRATCH yall. And granted, Trevor had to bring me a pie pan from Mom's stash because I don't have one, but I made a pie crust.

What's going in this masterpiece you ask? Well a chocolate filling of course. this chocolate's one of the many masterpieces I plan on making for my man while he's home for the weekend. I decided that since my looks are that of an exhausted woman in her 8th month of gestation I could at least give him some deliciousness while he's home. Anything that will send him back to Montana missing me is my goal...and good LORD do I have some deliciousness planned for this weekend...I made a menu :) We'll see how much I actually make, but either way I'm pretty sure this qualifies me for Domestic Diva status.

I'll have to update after Kevin goes back as to what actually got made, but I have high hopes. I love cooking and it's not nearly as much fun with Kevin gone, so I'll make up for it while I can.

What else? Oh ya...

4. When CC was talking to Daddy on the phone tonight he'd obviously asked her if she was being a good girl b/c she makes this face and says, "I not a good girl, I tee-tee on the couch". She has this weird thing about being waaaaaaaaay more honest than any other toddler / pre-schooler EVER. She tells on herself all the time. Anyways, she'd been sitting on the couch and after a while she gets up and I notice the tell tale wet spot on the couch cushion (this is not our first experience)...homegirl pees on the couch and doesn't say anything about it, it's not until she gets up that I notice! And this is a child who doesn't have accidents...never once has she wet the bed, but you sit her on the couch in a dress and she pees. Sheets I can wash, but the couch cushion? I've found that carpet cleaner works fine, but it's just the's such a Cierra thing to do. How can you not love this kid?????

5. I have no idea what this means for the future of my family, but the baby in my belly has very distinct reactions to my kids. Hunt can get a subtle wave like motion out of her but anytime CC lays her head on my tummy the baby goes crazy. I'm pretty sure this means "she" is actually a she and that she's going to give Cierra the same kind of grief she currently gives Hunter...and that Hunter will be her calming protector. I could be completely off base here, but that idea makes me smile, so I'm going with it.

Yep, so that was tonight...I get to pick Kevin up at the airport tomorrow after work. Picture me with a big cheesy ridiculous grin on my face and that's about a fraction of how excited I am :)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday Funday

Today after church my Mom and I took Hunter to a sibling class at the hospital where I'll deliver. You had to be four to take the class so it was a great opportunity for Hunt to enjoy some alone time with his Grandma and Mommy...and CC got some equally important alone time with Trev & Fia. After "graduation" we ate dunch (it was 3:00, that is neither lunch nor we'll call it dunch) at Cafe Express where Mom and I got to indulge in our favorite, Grilled Chicken Pasta Pesto Salad (formerly the #52) was glorious, and I am very thankful they don't have a location clsoer to our house or I would spend a ridiculous amount of money there. It was a great day and I will walk you through it in picures :)

Hospitals are ridiculously hard to navigate in my opinion, so we gave Big H the map and he lead the way...which he LOVED. When we finally found the correct room and checked in Hunter told the Jr. Volunteers leading the class that he was the one who got us there...that landed him a role as the line leader on the OB tour!

After they taught the kids about holding babies (the most important rule is to wash your hands first, Hunt told me this about 14 times) and changing diapers they got to go on a tour of the OB floor. First stop was outside the nursery where Hunter was fascinated by a baby under the jaundice lamps. The baby was moving around and crying some so Hunter was sure that he didn't like the lamps and aboslutely does NOT want his baby sister under that thing. The other baby in the nursery had a FULL head of black hair which wasn't ok either as "babies are supposed to be bald"...duh. Then they showed the kids the rooms their Moms would be in...

...and they got to try out the "moving" beds!
After the tour they all graduated and got certifactes and chocolate chip cookies!

This was Hunter's buddy, Neil. The kid was HILARIOUS and Hunter just loved him. He had a dry sense of humor and I was pretty much the only one laughing at his jokes...but I know he apreciated it!

Me and Hunt with his certificate

Dunch at Cafe Express...Hunter loved throwing pennies in the wishing well. When I asked him what he wished for he told me, "I asked God for the powers to be a better listener"...are you kidding me? He is so awesome!
How amazing is my boy? I love this picture...
We had a fun day together It was just a great weekend all in all, I have a lot more to recap but it's Momma's bed time, so there will be much more to come :)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Do as I say, not as I do...

I do some of my best thinking in the shower, and this morning I began to think of this list of unexplainable decisions I've made during this pregnancy...all hormone induced I'm sure.

1. Pregnancy gives me gray hairs. I'm only 27 (and a half), now is not the time for gray hairs. So I did as I've been doing since I was 17, I went to the drugstore on a whim and bought a box of hair dye. Now this in itself isn't too crazy...I've been buying brown hair dye for over 10 years (I get highlights done in the salon, don't keep them up then try to go back to my natural color at never works). But on this particular shopping trip I was lured in by a new "Perfect 10" hair dye...I mean it's a PERFECT 10, you understand. So it comes with this handy applicator that's like a comb at the end of the bottle...sounds good in theory, but I had a combination of black and a funny redish color streaks in my hair for about a week. It has now faded to a respectable color, but it took it's sweet time.

2. Just a few days before I dyed my hair I decided that I could use some "side bangs"...who in their life has not cut their own bangs? Granted, most people stopped when they were six, but I'm a fan of the home trim. So I went to Kevin's desk, found some scissors, pulled some hair down and cut it...that fast. Turns out I grabbed some dull scissors and too much hair. So now I'm growing out excessive and uneven "side bangs". The next day at work my boss, who's gay and lives up to a few of the stereo types, noticed them right away and asked if I wanted to borrow some scissors to cut them off.

3. Did I learn my lesson on cutting my own hair? No I did not. I haven't been to see, holy crap I just forgot his's been that long...well I haven't been to see my hair guy since last summer, it's been almost a YEAR since my last hair cut. When you straighten and home dye your hair, you need regular my hair was an abomination. One night after washing my hair, I went back to Kevin's desk...found the aforementioned scissors I'd thrown into the back of a drawer (trying to hide them from myself for this exact reason) and gave myself a trim. Do you know how hard it is to give yourself a trim? Needless to say I now have an uneven haircut to match my glorious bangs and "perfect 10" dye job.

4. Jergen's Natural Glow lotion with "subtle tanners" orange feet beg to differ. Since high school we've all learned that tan fat looks better than white fat, so I was just SURE that a "subtle tan" would greatly improve my third trimester appearance. I even bought the one for fair skin tones. Is there a skin tone more pale than "fair"? If so, that is me. And after a week or so of my Natural Glow has left me less pale, but also with orange feet and elbows. So if tan fat looks better than white fat, what does orange fat look like? A pumpkin? Greeeeeeeeeeeeat!

5. Finally, something not appearance related (I was beginning to worry myself)...I agreed to observe the daylight savings time change. The state of Arizona is on to something here yall. 6:00 stays 6:00 all year never changes to 5:00 or 7:00, 6:00 is 6:00. Try explaining the concept of daylight savings to your 5yr old...your 5 yr old that doesn't accept piddly answers either, he wants to know WHY. And I can't tell him WHY, no one makes no sense. Even CC wants to know why we drive to school when it's still "garken" outside (dark is a hard word for her for some reason, so it's garken...which is a much more complex word, but whatever). It's hard enough acclimate yourself to the change, but doing so with a toddler in your belly and two pre-schoolers is INSANITY. Next year I'm not doing it. I protest, I'm writing a letter.

So I may not make the smartest decisions out there, but at least I'm doing so with good intentions. I'm not ballooning gracefully...I'm trying to maintain my appearance whilst I gain my pregnancy weight, and I'm trying to go with the flow in observing daylight savings...I'm attempting to be just your average happy go lucky freakishly well adjusted pregnant lady, perhaps I'm a work in progress...but at least I'm working at it :)

Monday, March 10, 2008

Blogger Of The Year Award

I think I'm going to put my "Blogger Of The Year" award on the shelf right next to my "Mother Of The Year" award...they of course will be displayed in higher esteem than my "Spelling Bee Champ 2007" and "Most Spotless House" awards, but I really am proud of all four.

So the idea is to create a blog and then update it every seven months right? Wait, it's not?!?! Ok, so today I'll turn over a new leaf...I vow to update my blog, teach my kids to get along, learn how to spell "deffinitely" and finish my laundry! Well I'll start with the steps!

I just re-read my little "about me" section and I'm realizing that a lot has happened since I was just two weeks into being the mother of three. First of all I'm about seven weeks away from meeting this bean...who is approximately 4 lbs 5 oz this week, according to ivillage and feels nothing like a bean...a bushel of beans maybe. Kevin's taken a job selling endoscopy equipment for Stryker Medical. The position is located in Missoula, Montana so for the last eight weeks he's been living in a basement apartment 2,000 miles away. My Dad brought home an 85 pound yellow lab named Claudius courtesy of Guide Dogs for the Blind. Cierra turned three and we learned that it wasn't the "terrible twos", it is her personality and it's here to stay. Hunter acquired a step-Mom, my Sophia suffered the loss of her beloved dog that affected this family like losing a pet never has. My brother got a great job AND enrolled back in college, our Mom got a great new haircut...oh and literally eight friends of mine found out their expecting too. So it's been a busy seven months!

And now that I've decided to update I don't know where to start. There is SO much going on in my life right now it makes my head spin. With Kevin working in Montana I've been raising CC and the Hunt by myself, working full time and keeping our house in show worthy condition all while continuing to quadruple in size. Well I might be giving myself too much credit there...I depend on my family a LOT and my house is hardly "show worthy" but it sure feels like I'm carrying the weight of the world around on my shoulders...and in my belly. Good grief, I swear I'm going to give birth to a 35 pound baby. Just last night I let my hormones get the best of me and I about lost it first via e-mail then over the phone to Kevin. When I'm in my glass half full frame of mind I feel so blessed that this job came along for our family and I can't wait for the day that the kids and I join Kev in Montana. When I'm in my glass half empty mood (which I CLEARLY was last night) I feel like I can't go another day taking care of everything and I resent Kevin for leaving. Which is completely ridiculous since he took this job to BETTER our family situation, he hardly "left us"'s just so hard not coming home to him every day, and I really had no idea how much I depended on him until he wasn't here. Don't get me wrong, I've amazed myself with my abilities and I'm far more independent than I thought...but it's hard. The night I watched Kevin pack up his clothes and get ready to make the drive to Montana if felt like someone was ripping my heart out...I guess it's part of that "loving someone so much it hurts" thing.

Anyways...this blog has turned into a HUGE ramble so in order to prevent future blogs from going down this same painful path, I'll update a little more frequently. Maybe even tomorrow! But for now, I shant ignore the buzzer on my dryer any longer and CC has just taken every toy she owns out of her room and arraigned them ever so nicely on the stairs. So to keep her second father aka her big brother from having a mild heart attack I need to attend to some things around here and really earn those aforementioned awards.

Love in an elevator,