Monday, March 10, 2008

Blogger Of The Year Award

I think I'm going to put my "Blogger Of The Year" award on the shelf right next to my "Mother Of The Year" award...they of course will be displayed in higher esteem than my "Spelling Bee Champ 2007" and "Most Spotless House" awards, but I really am proud of all four.

So the idea is to create a blog and then update it every seven months right? Wait, it's not?!?! Ok, so today I'll turn over a new leaf...I vow to update my blog, teach my kids to get along, learn how to spell "deffinitely" and finish my laundry! Well I'll start with the steps!

I just re-read my little "about me" section and I'm realizing that a lot has happened since I was just two weeks into being the mother of three. First of all I'm about seven weeks away from meeting this bean...who is approximately 4 lbs 5 oz this week, according to ivillage and feels nothing like a bean...a bushel of beans maybe. Kevin's taken a job selling endoscopy equipment for Stryker Medical. The position is located in Missoula, Montana so for the last eight weeks he's been living in a basement apartment 2,000 miles away. My Dad brought home an 85 pound yellow lab named Claudius courtesy of Guide Dogs for the Blind. Cierra turned three and we learned that it wasn't the "terrible twos", it is her personality and it's here to stay. Hunter acquired a step-Mom, my Sophia suffered the loss of her beloved dog that affected this family like losing a pet never has. My brother got a great job AND enrolled back in college, our Mom got a great new haircut...oh and literally eight friends of mine found out their expecting too. So it's been a busy seven months!

And now that I've decided to update I don't know where to start. There is SO much going on in my life right now it makes my head spin. With Kevin working in Montana I've been raising CC and the Hunt by myself, working full time and keeping our house in show worthy condition all while continuing to quadruple in size. Well I might be giving myself too much credit there...I depend on my family a LOT and my house is hardly "show worthy" but it sure feels like I'm carrying the weight of the world around on my shoulders...and in my belly. Good grief, I swear I'm going to give birth to a 35 pound baby. Just last night I let my hormones get the best of me and I about lost it first via e-mail then over the phone to Kevin. When I'm in my glass half full frame of mind I feel so blessed that this job came along for our family and I can't wait for the day that the kids and I join Kev in Montana. When I'm in my glass half empty mood (which I CLEARLY was last night) I feel like I can't go another day taking care of everything and I resent Kevin for leaving. Which is completely ridiculous since he took this job to BETTER our family situation, he hardly "left us"'s just so hard not coming home to him every day, and I really had no idea how much I depended on him until he wasn't here. Don't get me wrong, I've amazed myself with my abilities and I'm far more independent than I thought...but it's hard. The night I watched Kevin pack up his clothes and get ready to make the drive to Montana if felt like someone was ripping my heart out...I guess it's part of that "loving someone so much it hurts" thing.

Anyways...this blog has turned into a HUGE ramble so in order to prevent future blogs from going down this same painful path, I'll update a little more frequently. Maybe even tomorrow! But for now, I shant ignore the buzzer on my dryer any longer and CC has just taken every toy she owns out of her room and arraigned them ever so nicely on the stairs. So to keep her second father aka her big brother from having a mild heart attack I need to attend to some things around here and really earn those aforementioned awards.

Love in an elevator,


Amanda said...

Sorry for the ten comments. I didn't realize you had been updating your blog, so I had to catch up! I'm relieved that I only missed about a month. Love you and your sweet fam!