Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday Funday

Today after church my Mom and I took Hunter to a sibling class at the hospital where I'll deliver. You had to be four to take the class so it was a great opportunity for Hunt to enjoy some alone time with his Grandma and Mommy...and CC got some equally important alone time with Trev & Fia. After "graduation" we ate dunch (it was 3:00, that is neither lunch nor we'll call it dunch) at Cafe Express where Mom and I got to indulge in our favorite, Grilled Chicken Pasta Pesto Salad (formerly the #52) was glorious, and I am very thankful they don't have a location clsoer to our house or I would spend a ridiculous amount of money there. It was a great day and I will walk you through it in picures :)

Hospitals are ridiculously hard to navigate in my opinion, so we gave Big H the map and he lead the way...which he LOVED. When we finally found the correct room and checked in Hunter told the Jr. Volunteers leading the class that he was the one who got us there...that landed him a role as the line leader on the OB tour!

After they taught the kids about holding babies (the most important rule is to wash your hands first, Hunt told me this about 14 times) and changing diapers they got to go on a tour of the OB floor. First stop was outside the nursery where Hunter was fascinated by a baby under the jaundice lamps. The baby was moving around and crying some so Hunter was sure that he didn't like the lamps and aboslutely does NOT want his baby sister under that thing. The other baby in the nursery had a FULL head of black hair which wasn't ok either as "babies are supposed to be bald"...duh. Then they showed the kids the rooms their Moms would be in...

...and they got to try out the "moving" beds!
After the tour they all graduated and got certifactes and chocolate chip cookies!

This was Hunter's buddy, Neil. The kid was HILARIOUS and Hunter just loved him. He had a dry sense of humor and I was pretty much the only one laughing at his jokes...but I know he apreciated it!

Me and Hunt with his certificate

Dunch at Cafe Express...Hunter loved throwing pennies in the wishing well. When I asked him what he wished for he told me, "I asked God for the powers to be a better listener"...are you kidding me? He is so awesome!
How amazing is my boy? I love this picture...
We had a fun day together It was just a great weekend all in all, I have a lot more to recap but it's Momma's bed time, so there will be much more to come :)


Anonymous said...

That was a very fun day!

The Silva's said...

Wow, what a great idea, I noticed you live in the Houston area, was that at Cy-Fair? I am expecting my third child in September and my boys are only a year apart, that would be a great activity for them to "get used" to the idea of the baby!!!

Ashley said...

Found your blog through Amandas and enjoyed seeing all your pics and how God's growing your family! Congrats on baby on the way!!