Monday, March 24, 2008

Little Rodeo Action

Kev & I took the kids to the Rodeo...pretty much Hunter's favorite place on here are the pics, in no particular order b/c as I've previously mentioned...I've yet to master the picture posting part of the blog world :)

Hunt practicing his pitches

Kevin played professional football, not baseball...but he looked good trying!

My seeds watching some bull riding during lunch

I love this picture

"corndogs are what kids are supposed to eat at the Rodeo" - HPS

Cierra agrees

This is so Kevin and CC

Cierra's favorite ride at the entire HLSR...the escalator

Please disregard the large pale pregnant woman in the background (and shame on those Mom pants...with tennis shoes...ugh) and pay attention to Hunter's rodeo debut...Mutton Bustin Contest. We had no idea what it was but apparently the kids ride sheep decked out in bull riders gear. It was awesome, Hunt was so intense about it. He now wants a sheep when we move to Montana so that he can practice!

Hunt post ride...notice the dirt encrusted snot trail out of his nose. I think it's adorable but he said I shouldn't post it because "some kids may think it's blood and get scared"...he's so thoughtful. A thoughtful tough cowboy!
...and his cute little dirty Wranglers.

Ah, back to familiar territory...this is our third year on the mechanical bull and we are a much better bull rider than sheep rider, I mean mutton buster.

Hunt in the parking lot of the my head he's thinking about how he can thank his wonderful Mom and "Daddy Kev" for taking him on such a fun outing.
Rock on boys!
Cierra wasn't feeling the photo-op...neither was Mom but I felt the need to include a few pics of us since the rest are all boys!
The kids watching the pig races.

My attempt at posting videos:


Kelly said...

I wanted to say hi!!! I'm SUPER FLATTERED that you have me as a link. :-)
I hope the next few days and weeks go quickly for you as you wait for your baby girl! I'm sorry your husband has to be away from you. I know that would be awful - especially right now. I hope you can all be reunited soon!!!!