Monday, February 23, 2009

My resolution

So like 50 something days after the first of the year, I've finally come up with a resolution.

I always want to be a better version of myself...I don't want to CHANGE who I am, because, for the most part, I'm really pleased with the person I've finally become...but I always want to be a better version. You know, a skinner, more self-assured, confident, happy, trusting, trust-worthy, motivated, frugal, fashionable, patient....etc, etc, etc...version of me.

So my resolutions usually sound something like, "I'm going to be MORE (blank)"...and I really didn't want to do that this year. I'm picking something more simple, less guilt-inducing, and easier to track.

I'm going to blog more. Ya, that's right. It took me two months to decide that.

**I'm watching Making the Band 4 on MTV, why do all the boys end the show by taking their shirt off? I'm embarrassed for Donny Klang right now**

In order to start anew with my blogging resolution, I need to get some blog-things off my chest:

I love reading everyone else's blogs but I'm a horrible commenter


I beat myself up if I take too long between posts, so that keeps me from posting something new

also...I can't spell, I over use the comma and elipses...or whatever those things are called I just over-used again. I also feel the need to hyphenate words a lot. And there will be your fair share of run-ons, fragments, and overall bad grammer...sue me.

So now that we've covered all of that, I'm going to let myself off the hook for not posting enough pictures, or witty thought provoking articles...and instead, I'm just going to use this blog like I originally intended, I'm just going to say what I feel like saying!

Let the resolution begin! VIVA LA RESOLUTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Attention all 11 followers...

It's nothing new, but I just noticed that I have double digit followers...what what.

I'm doing my pretend friend's ipod shuffle meme, so here goes.

Now, out of my own personal integrity I must explain that my shuffle is in no way, shape or form an accurate representation of my musical taste. I use it to work out, so it includes work out music...and that's it! None of my favorite artists (Pat Green, Marc Broussard, Aerosmith, Jack Johnson) are represented on said shuffle. So I beg you, please read the following with the understanding that we're dealing with workout music here.

1. Brother Lee, Citizen Cope...I saw a picture of this "Citizen Cope" character online, thought he was cute in that weird dread lock hippie kind of way, checked him out in itunes and found that the only song work out worthy was, Brother Lee. It's should check it out.

2. Just Dance, Lady GaGa...have I ever mentioned my obsession with dancing? I am a B.A.D. dancer yall...and not in the Michael Jackson "bad means good" sense, I just plain suck. I also suck at Jazzercise, any form of aerobics...step, water or otherwise...pretty much anything that involves coordination. I can play volleyball, I can cook, I apply eye shadow well...and that's about it. Sooooooo I have this massive obsession with people who can dance. Step Up (1 and 2) and Center Stage (mostly 1 but also 2) are some of my favorite movies....great for picking up moves to pretend you can do yourself. When I'm working out, I like to distract myself by pretending that I'm secretly a profesionally trained ballerina / hip hop dancer and I make up dances in my head....this song is the BEST for said pretend dancing.

3. Fly on the Wall, Miley Cyrus...what can I say? I have kids, Miley and Hannah are staples around here.

4. Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It), man HATES this song, mainly because he has yet to "put a ring on it".

5. Flat on the Floor, Nickelback... I heart older school Nickelback. Their first CD was seriously hardcore, like heavy metal almost (is that even a genre any more?) but this CD was hard enough to make it good workout music, but still bearable...and I just like it.

I also feel the need to mention that I checked the little box that tells me what songs I've played the most...the top rated is that Lady GaGa song, apparently I really enjoy making up dances in my head...the second through fourth songs were all by Flo Rida. Somewhere in Louisiana, Marc Broussard is shaking his head in disgust.