Thursday, September 4, 2008


I AM … losing my blogging motivation. I think I need to change up my page and get going with a new theme or something.

I WANT… to go a whole day without comparing myself to every other Mother I see or hear about.

I HAVE … a ridiculous addiction to chewing my cuticles, especially when I'm nervous. They're absolutely RAW right now.

I KEEP … receipts in my wallet, and I don't know why...I never even look at them again and they just create more clutter.

I WISH I COULD … love my body for the things it's accomplished instead of hate it for being all big and cushy.

I HATE ... that I have a laundry list of things I hate to chose from on this one.

I FEAR … what will happen if we elect a smooth talker who doesn't even like the country we could put him in charge of.

I HEAR … Ryland talking...she's found her voice and boy does she love it!

I DON’T THINK … I'm any less deserving of God's blessing just because I live a life that's different than yours.

I REGRET … asking too many people's opinions about decisions I need to make on my own.

I LOVE … my kids and Kevin more than I can ever describe in words.

I AM NOT … married.

I DANCE … with my kids to Miley Cyrus and the Camp Rock songs.

I SING … "Ryland Ryland bo byland banana fana fo fyland me my mo myland...Ryland" and "Hunter Hunter bo bunter banana fana fo funter me my mo munter...Hunter" but doing it for Cierra trips me up. I drive my kids crazy with that.

I NEVER … use coupons....ME NEITHER

I RARELY … answer the phone when you call. It's not intentional, my phone stays on vibrate because I can't stand any of the ring tone options.

I CRY WHEN I WATCH … pretty much anything. I'm super emotional. Have yall seen the Carrie Underwood video for "Just a Dream"???

I AM NOT ALWAYS … on my best behavior.

I HATE THAT … Sarah Palin's abilities as a Mother are being questioned because her teenage daughter is pregnant. Can yall imagine if our Moms were held accountable for all of our bad decisions? Lord have mercy.

I’M CONFUSED ABOUT … my inability to answer this question!

I NEED … a glass of water.

I SHOULD … get off the computer.


Amanda said...

I love you!

The Barfuss Family said...

I have...missed you and your blogs!

The Van Fam said... are more amazing that you give yourself credit for. i have known you for such a short time and have such admiration for you. you are sooo funny and so giving and that's obvious immediately after meeting you. you are a mother that loves her kiddos so much and a girl that loves and is doing so much for her man!! bless you...

Keri said...

I love this!! I love how honest and open you are.

Sabrina said...

LOVE the new picture:) You have such a beautiful family. And I WISH I could see you soon....maybe

cece said...

I'm glad your back in business. I've missed you! We have much to catch up on... Dinner soon?

Heather said...

I have missed you and am glad you're back and.....glad you're YOU!