Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I had no idea...

I pride myself on knowing a LOT, I mean there is a ridiculous amount of knowledge in this head of mine...I'm incredibly worldly (I'm hoping everyone can pick up on my sarcasm here) but I had NO CLUE that:

1. one of my dearest friends was married to a man who could speak like this
2. that human trade / slavery was still this prominent
3. that I could sit here on my couch and be so moved by something...I'm pleading with everyone who could be reading this (all four of yall, ha ha)...I mean it, find 45 or so minutes, open your hearts, mute American Idol (you can find out who gets voted off tomorrow) and just take these words in. It's some beautiful honesty...a God who is begging for us to just be ourselves and be real when we come to worship...AMEN brother.


Amanda said...

Thanks for your sweet words. :) It is not him speaking but the Lord through him - I promise! God is good!