Monday, April 14, 2008

first there was myspace

In the days before I fell in love with the blogging world there was myspace...I spent a tremendous amount of time posting "bulletins" on there, mainly filling out surveys because as I've recently come to realize, apparently I like to talk about myself. I'm sitting here on my couch trying not to get excited about the fact that I'm having contractions (because as history shows, they'll torment me all night and then stop in time for me to go to work...not labor & delivery, but work) I decided to go grab a survey from the space and fill it out on here. Hey, why not? If you're feeling randy copy and paste it to your blog too...but let me know so I can read it :)

1)Your ex is crossing the street, what do you do?
honk and wave...I have no ill will...then probably post some blog about how weird it was to see my ex crossing the street

2) Your best friend tells you she is pregnant what do you do?
tell her that she shouldn't have drank after me...I've been warning eveyone that they'll catch the pregnancy

3) When is the last time you wanted to punch someone in their face?
today. I am not a person blessed with much patience as it is, mix that with my pregnancy hormones and little things REALLY get on my nerves

4) What is the last thing you spent money on?
lunch, but more importantly I paid for my Mom and I to get mani/pedis on was so much fun and as we sat there in the massage chairs we asked eachother about 14 times why we waited so long to do this...side note, and this is embarrassing, home girl charged me $3 extra, she said my heels were THAT bad...nice...then my Mom and I went to Hallmark to hijack some Burts Bees Foot Cream (we just used the tester) so we could re-moisturize our recently exfoliated feet only to find out that A. we are NOT fans of Burts Bees foot cream as it is extremely oily B. oily foot cream on well worn flip flops makes a mess, and C. going to Hallmark to hijack foot cream testers makes us laugh REALLY hard

I'm skipping 5&6 because they are perfect examples of why I prefer blogging to the space...ick

7) Congratulations! You just had a daughter, her name?
funny you should ask...we don't have a name picked out yet.

8) Congratulations! You just had a son, his name?
Maverick Wayne Pesak

9) What are you craving right now?

10) What was the last thing you cried about?
come on, I'm 9 months pregnant! I cry about most everything! I teared up after I talked to Kevin tonight. I miss him, a lot. Sometimes it just hits me more than others. Like right now, here I go again...

11) When you buy something and your change is 2 cents, you keep it or tell the cashier to keep it?
I give it to my kids...the love "monies"

12) Have you ever blocked someone on MySpace before?
yes, and yet another good reason the blog world is more fun in my need to "block" anyone here!

13) Do you wear a name tag at work?
Not since high school

14) Are you happy?
Oh man, I live one blessed life...I am incredibly happy!

15) Who came over last night?
No one, but I did go to my parent's....again, they probably would love for their grown daughter to spend some time at her own house

16) Have your brothers or sisters ever told you that you were adopted?
No, I'm the older was my job to be mean like that, but it never crossed my mind.

17) What was the last movie you watched?
Enchanted, last night with Hunter...we had to rewind the part where the prince got hit by the bikes about 15 times

18) What is in your pocket?
No pockets

19) Who introduced you to your bf/gf/husband/wife?
Erin good friend. She told me her "hot neighbor" was moving back into the house he'd been renting out...she joked about setting us up and I thought, ya right...whatever. Then I met Kevin and said, ya...absolutely HOOK A SISTER UP. Now Erin O and I are neighbors. hahaha. Well we were neighbors, she moved out on Sunday...but that's another post!

20) Where do you hurt?
my's supporting too much weight when I sit on it

21) What's something fun you did today?
laughed a lot with Fia (my brother's girl friend Sophia)

22) When is your birthday?
October 12th

23) Is there anything hanging from your rear view mirror?
yes, a former co-worker gave me this little guardian angel thing

24) What kind of milk do you drink?
skim...but I don't drink it, I just put it on cereal

25) What are you going to do after this?
Go to's 11:30!

26) Do you like pickles?
I love pickles...dill, sweet, bread and butter, home them all

27) Is someone in love with you?
Yes, and it feels amazing....that hot neighbor of Erin O's looooooooooves me

28) Favorite pop tart flavor?

29) What are your plans for the weekend?
have a many times can you say your weekend plans are to have a baby? I love it! Plus Kevin gets home on Saturday, happy sigh

30) Do you like the color green?
ya, sure

31) Who was the last person to send you a text message?

32) Last restaurant you went to?
Thai place with CC Saturday night

33) How many hours did you sleep last night?
I woke up every hour on the hour, so maybe best

34) Do you yell at your parents?
Never, and the fact that I used to makes me so embarrassed...I was such a brat

35) Do you think someone is thinking about you right now?
doubtful...most anyone who would be thinking about me is asleep

36) Have you ever changed your clothes while in a vehicle?
many many times

37) Do you like your name?
I love it.

39) What do you do when you are bored?
I would love to be bored...I don't have time to be bored, so I really have no idea

40) What does your last text message say?
something really exciting about our taxes I think

41) How old are you?
27...and a half worked, contractions stopped...sigh.

This is me being patient,


Amanda said...

I rented Enchanted last night but haven't watched it yet. I can't wait though. Also, it is a girl-on-girl crime to charge a 9 months pregnant woman 3 extra bucks for having rough feet. Seriously. She should be punished. And finally, what do you think is worse? Telling Trevor he's adopted or convincing him that high school boys wear makeup to school?

Keri said...

Awww I was reading through your survey and thinking "Maybe she has a baby today!"

I'm sitting here bored while my son watches Diego so I'll do the survey, too! :)

Leigh said...

I love meme's. I am going to post this on my Wed. post so be looking for it.
Thanks for stoppin gby my blog. A friend of mine watches the Biggest Loser too. Who won? I thik he wanted Randy ...or gosh, I forget the guys name.
So glad you dropped in. I will come back to your place...and good luck on the contractions.
Salsa, hot salsa, I hear that works....

BooSheep said...

What a fun survey! I saw that Keri had it on her blog too... I tried to cut and paste so I could do it, but my computer is acting funny. Hubby says it has something to do with the printer. Boo! I guess I will go on to bed... maybe I will figure it out later. I hope you get some sleep tonight!