Friday, April 18, 2008


I am warning you in advance, before you invest the next 3-5 minutes of your life in the blog...there is absolutely no point to this post. No underlying theme, there will be no moral of the story...I may not even be able to corral my thoughts long enough for this to be comprehensible. So there, you've been warned.

With that being said, today is Kevin's birthday....Happy Birthday my Love! He likes to refer to himself as 30. I'm not going to come on the world wide web and sell out his story or anything, but let's just say, hypothetically, if Hunt and CC were to each get him a card that had a 3 on it and they were to sit those cards next to eachother on the see where I'm going with this. So I decided for his birthday I should give Kevin a baby. I have 52 more minutes to make that happen. I think his present may be late. Hopefully just a day or two.

You know who Did have a baby today? Two of my good friends, Justin & Jennifer...when I told Kevin "they" were in labor he said, "really? both of them?" silly boy. I cried like a baby when I saw the pictures of their baby girl. She looks JUST like Justin, and I honestly think I was as excited for them to be parents as I am to meet my own baby. They are amazing people and will be such fun parents. I know that for a fact. I've known Justin since 6th grade and Jennifer since 9th grade...I like to take credit for being very influential in them starting to date in high school. Weather or not I actually was is irrelevant, I like to THINK I was and they are very happily married and now have a beautiful baby girl, so that makes me feel like the world's greatest match maker...and I'm all for awards.

Back to knowing Justin since 6th grade...I had just moved to the neighborhood (and to Texas for that matter) and didn't really know anyone when I started jr. high...also known to be the worst three years of a girl's life. Jr. high is not for the faint of heart. Anyways, so I was new and on the bus to school you couldn't miss the super loud kid with bright red hair who got on the stop after me. I was fascinated, he was so cool...and so NOT shy, how did he do that? So one day after school when I hear some kid yelling in the bayou right past the tee box behind my parents house I go outside and see THAT KID holding his arm. I ran inside and told my Mom that "my friend from school was hurt"...she comes outside, freaking out of course, and finds that Justin has somehow managed to shoot himself in the arm with a BB gun. This is my Mom's favorite part of the Mom takes Justin home and he's being all super brave until he sees his Mom. Then come the tears. You have to know Justin & Janet for this to be as funny as it is. They are such a neat family. Justin and I were very good friends for the remainder of jr. high and high school. He was always welcome at our back door, and at our fridge. Justin's a big football player dude so he ate dinner at my house then again at his house every night for a few years. I am really just SO happy for them to be parents....Jennifer is just as great as Justin. In high school she was captain of the drill team. I remember when she was getting stuff together for her "captain try outs" a joke I tried on one of her dancer shirts she was going to preform in. I totally got stuck in it. I played volleyball and I guess her and I were built totally different as 16 yr olds. Gotta love it. Congrats Justin & Jennifer...I love yall!!!!!

What else to report? Oh, the other day Sophia and I went to check out this baby / kids boutique in Cypress and I found the PERFECT coming home outfit for our un-named baby girl. The second I saw it I just knew I had to have it, Fia agreed. It was an off white cotton (blend of some was almost silky) layette down that was slightly gathered at the bottom, it had a beautiful lace / ribbon overlay at the top, sweet bows on the was so classic vintage baby girl. You want to know what else it was? EIGHTY SIX DOLLARS. This just kills me about boutiques. After looking at stack upon stack of $20-40 onesies you'd think I would be accustomed to the price tages, but it still blows my mind. Don't get me wrong, the stuff is cute but that's just ridiculous. Why do all the cute boutique finds have to cost 6 times as much as they should? I know a little something about having to charge more for a product when you're hand making things in small batches (from our brief days as coffee shop owners). I also know that if you call a store a "boutique" you're expected to over charge. And clearly people pay the ridiculous prices because there are boutiques every where and most of my friends shop at them...I mean Fia and I were there!!!! But come on now. We're smart girls here, I know it doesn't cost $50 to bedazzle a onesie to say AB/CD like the AC/DC logo...cute as it may be.

My baby is under the impression that there is much more room in my belly than there actually is. When she weighed a pound or two it was cute when she moved that she's more like seventeen pounds (I'm just guessing) the cute little swimming is beyond painful. In one swift movement she can simultaneously crack a rib and break a pelvic bone. I'm all for having an active baby. But be active out here in the air where I can lay you on a blanket and say, "look how cute....she's kicking" instead of "mother of pearl my daughter is trying to kill me". Just a thought.

All this baby talk has decided me to include the following friendly reminders when it comes to raising your children:



Hope it helps clear up any confusion you may have.

Ok then...I hope this wasn't as painful to read as I may have made it out to be. As soon as I download some pictures from my Mom's camera I'll have a real post for you. Plus I'm really hoping to report on a new addition to our family sometime in the next few days.

Long live the queen,


Amanda said...

I'm loving your blog! Unfortunately, I'm getting attached to it right before your inevitable newborn hiatus. Loved reading about Jen and Justin. I laughed out loud about Justin shooting himself in the arm. Of course he did.

BooSheep said...

That is so funny! My Dad and Step-Mom got me the book the pictures are from for my 1st Christmas with my little one. I think we all laughed for 30 min. They all made fun of me for the 1st one though... I used to try to make him smile all the time! :)


Erin said...

what? where? a book? there's a book with all of these pictures in them? You must tell me where I can find this book!!!!

Keri said...

I agree, I agree, I agree, I agree, I AGREE!!! hahaha! You're so right about the boutiques! Seriously, come on people. $86 for something she'll most likely grow out of in one day.

And I'm so with you on the painful movements!! My little chicka is just getting big enough that when she really starts swinging, it can bring me to my knees!

You're hilarious and I love your blog!

BooSheep said...

Oh my gosh! It is THE funniest book.  I searched for it on and they had it for $10. It is called "Safe Baby Handling Tips" by David and Kelly Sopp. They also have a web-site On Amazon I also notice they had one about pregnancy... I bet it is hilarious! I laughed so hard I cried the 1st time I read the baby one!