Tuesday, April 1, 2008

AHHHHH it's April

Today is April first so I can FINALLY say "this month" when people ask me when I'm due!!!!!!! It also marks the start of the longest month of my life. To anyone reading this who's been pregnant, you feel my pain. It's a mix of "I can't wait to meet her / I can't wait to not be pregnant / and oh crap, I'm having a baby in four weeks...or less!"

So yesterday I had my doctors visit which marks the beginning of my once a week visits...the baby is in position, my cervix is soft, my bp and proteins are good, not dilated at all yet (is this TMI?) so I guess I'm progressing as I should be. Kevin and his Dad swear I'm having the baby on the 20th or 21st because of the full moon...and for some reason I've always thought the 20th or 22nd, so maybe! I guess we'll see in a few weeks!!!!! My due date is April 28th and I'm just praying that she stays in as long as she needs to do develop fully, and not a day longer...I'm ready man! Hunter was 11 days late, so I guess there's the possibility I could even have her on my Mom's birthday (May 6th), and while that would be special...I'd prefer to have her closer to Kevin's birthday on April 18th :)

waiting patiently,