Thursday, April 3, 2008


Today I had my first, "could this be it?" moment...since I'm online posting a blog, it clearly was NOT it.

Off topic...CC likes to make up songs and right now she's singing, "Daddy not a girl....Daddy not a girl, you not a girl, why you not a girl? peecause you not, you not, you not a baby, not a baby, ok you not a baby, you a girl"...while she's sitting in the toy box. The toy box / ottoman that Kevin and I made together a few months after we starting dating when I convinced him that, suuuuure I knew how to build and upholster an ottoman...I'm crazy domestic / handy / good to keep around like that. I've seen more attractive ottomans in my time but it's one of my most prized possessions :)

Anyways, so as I've mentioned before, I'm insanely and ridiculously busy at work these days....and my natural instincts to want to please everyone and accomplish everything have taken their tole on me. Even if I wasn't 36-1/2 weeks pregnant I'd be exhausted. At around 1:30 I started feeling BAD so I figured I was hungry and I ran up the corner to McDonalds (french fries are the one thing that sounds good when nothing else will do) 2:00 I reasoned it wasn't hunger and I still felt awful. I was having horrible back pains that started increasing in frequency and even began radiating around to the front. After about 30 minutes I couldn't concentrate anymore...I was hurting! So finally at 3:00 I decided to go home and try to lay down, see if I could get them to stop by changing positions. So I came here and passed out, it did help, the pains stopped as soon as I laid down but when I got up to get the kids from school they started again. Even now, I feel pretty crappy...random practice contractions and back pains but just over all feeling like poo, feeling like someone 3 weeks away from giving birth I guess.

Tonight is clearly one of the nights I would do most anything to have Kevin home. Besides REALLY being able to use the help with the munchkins, I just want him here when I don't feel good...I guess he's my 6'4" ridiculously attractive security blanket. Him or my Mom (but she has plans tonight for the first time in ages...the audacity, I kid). Since asking Kev to make a 2,000 mile trip just because I don't feel good is a little out of the question I guess I'll find comfort in Blue Bell instead...can't hurt :)

Getting closer,


Linda Vujnov said...

Ice cream is ALWAYS a great option for the blues...always.