Tuesday, April 22, 2008

prayers yall

My prayer requests are two fold....first for the exciting one:

Guess who's getting induced tomorrow morning? Guess!!!!! Yep, it's me. My doctor was kind enough to agree to induce...and I didn't even have to bring my kids with me to the appointment. My plan was to let Hunter and Cierra do their thang right there in her waiting room so I could show her what my life was like...I was then going to remind her that Kevin would be here to help me out until May 4th so maybe she would draw her own conclusion that it would be beneficial to have him here with the baby as long as possible. But after she did her little check (and stripped my membranes...yowza) she said she would induce me "if I was ready"...was I ready? YES. So Wednesday morning at 5:30 am it is. She said if we don't get there on time they'll give my bed away...so we'll be there at 5:00, just to be safe :)

How weird is it to know the exact day you're going to have your baby? It seems weird to me. A little un-natural, but I'm all for it. April 23, 2008...that's a good date!

This seems a little familiar...I was scheduled to be induced with Hunter as well. 5:00 on Monday morning, November 18. That was 11 days after my due date of November 7th so I was R-E-A-D-Y. I was also F-A-T. I gained 90 lbs with him!!! I was just sure I'd give birth to a toddler. I'm not a small person, I'm 5'9" and proportionate...my ex was a big dude too, 6'3" or something and a big ol gut (but I'm not bitter) so I just KNEW I'd have a big baby with all that weight I gained. So Sunday before I'm ready to finally have my baby girl, Sophie Claire, I had contractions all day and they decided to go ahead and admit me that evening since I was being induced in the morning anyways. Well I went into labor that night and had him bright and early Monday morning...and he (who we didn't know was a he until he was born) weighed in a 7lbs 7oz. That made the other 83 lbs all me...boy was it a journey taking off that weight!

So my Mom is pretty sure I'll go into labor tonight and have a repeat performance of Hunter's arrival. I'm pretty sure it'll include a penis as well. I'm just sure I'm having a boy again. Every dream I've had about this baby it's been a boy...and every stranger who stops me to make a comment like, "my, you're pregnant" (really?) tells me they think it's a boy...plus I just can't trust an ultra sound prediction of a girl. Regardless of the fact that many friends have had girl ultra sounds that turn out to actually be girls, I'm still skeptical.

Anywho, so my prayer request from yall is simply for a healthy baby (boy or girl, induction or not)...I know I can handle the pain, I mean I'm not looking forward to it per say, but I can do it. I just want a healthy baby...and I really want to be able to nurse this baby. I know it'll be a struggle in the beginning, so please pray for my patience and stick-to-it-edness with nursing!!!!! Hopefully we'll all be home in a few days with lots of exciting pictures to post :)

On a much more maddening/terrifying/helpless feeling note...I also need yalls prayer for an impending court battle. I can't get too much into it, which is soooooooo unlike me...I'm normally an open book who reveals too much, but since I have a public blog on the world wide web (which means other parties involved can read said blog) I can't get into details. But for prayer purposes it involves the custody of Hunter. So while I'm trying to let go and give this up to God so my family can welcome "baby chister" I am plagued with this gut wrenching fear that having a new baby will mean I could lose my first born. Ya, trying real hard to keep it together while I even type this.

So if all eleven (I may be stretching it there) of yall reading this can take the time during the next few days to lift my family up, I would really appreciate it. A healthy baby, a patient Mommy with peace in hear heart and confidence in the Lord would be most appreciated.

Will update with baby news soon :)


Anonymous said...

Focus on baby than worry about the other. I will be praying for you. Just remember that ultimately it is in God's hands (all of it). I can't wait to see pics of you new little girl (don't make me rush up to the hospital again with a boy outfit still not believing you).


Amanda said...

You know I will be praying for you. I love you, sister!

BooSheep said...

You will be in our prayers in the morning... (probably around 7am, unless the Lord wakes me up earlier and I will pray then too!)

Shelley :)

The Silva's said...

Prayers are flowing your way! For all that you need, that God's WIll will be done and that you and your family have peace throughout this journey. Here's to hoping that girl ultrasounds are correct!

Kelly said...

Good luck with the baby!!!!!