Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Fashion Fiesta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Party time!!!!!

There is not one thing exciting about seeing all three shirts and one pair of maternity jeans that still fit me, so for my version of the Fashion Fiesta here is a smattering of things I can't wait to no particular order.

OK...well this one is in order. I am absolutely in love with Lucky Brand Jeans, they are my go-to brand, they are long enough, they fit me...or well they fit me 9 months ago, I'm sure they will again soon!

For the first seven months of my pregnancy the only maternity clothes I wore were some bellow the belly jeans from Gap (and that was only after I retired my Lucky's...they were cut low enough to fit under my bump for a long time) so I'm going to try really hard to steer clear of any shirts / dresses that could be worn by a pregnant chic, which this one could be...but it's just so summery and fun, I'd wear it with some fun flat sandals (with the Lucky's of course) and gold filagree earings oh and maybe vision also includes a tan and the sudden loss of all baby weight, so it may be a little far fetched...but this is a FIESTA people, let's have a little fun!

I pretty much only shop for clothes at Target, Old Navy and Forever 21...I can't justify spending that much money on my clothes, plus styles change so often and I get sick of things pretty quickly.

I LOVE dresses, I think they're the easiest thing in the world to wear...and you can dress them up or down with your shoes and jewelery, plus they hide imperfections much better than jeans and a tank top! A few dresses I have my eye on for this summer are as follows: this super cute yellow one (which also needs the tan I have left over from my previous vision). This one I'd wear to a wedding Kevin and I are going to this summer, it's all his college buddies and I kinda NEED to look smokin's an overly ambitious thought on my part because I'll be about 6 weeks post partum, but a girl can dream :) Oh this one, super casual & comfy it. I can see this dress with some strappy heels OR flip flops, that makes it pretty much perfect in my book. Cute. Love it. Are we noticing a trend here? I love this style of dress, I just always feel like they make me look pregnant though, and I can promise you that I will be running like the wind AWAY from anything that makes me look pregnant this summer. I need to move on from Forever 21 and their dresses now.

I'm sure this would have been much more enjoyable had I taken the time to upload the pics instead of making yall click on links...but you know what? It's my first fiesta, cut a sister some slack.

I've also been looking and looking for a picture, but I have these jeans with holes in them that are beyond comfy, I LOVE them and I wear them all the time with tank tops and fitted t-shirts, I just can't demonstrate that right now in my late stage of gestation...but just imagine them, they're amazing.

So I guess my "style" is casual / comfortable...nothing too complicated because it stresses me out. I'm excited to see if anyone else did this and what their "uniforms" are!!!!



Erin said...

So where have you been? I thought you went off and had a baby or something and I had to get on here to check! Hope you're doing well, I guess I could be emailing you as well. So busy yesterday though. Im going to Kentucky for work next week so that should be interesting. Email me when you have time.

Amanda said...

"I just can't demonstrate that right now in my late stage of gestation...but just imagine them, they're amazing."

This cracked me up. You have always had great style! Remember when you singlehandedly made Abercrombie cool our senior year? Lol

BooSheep said...

You sound just like me when I was pregnant...and well, still now in my holy jeans and tank tops! I am glad you joined in fashion fiesta! It was fun to check out your blog. Congratulations on your new addition coming soon!


dcrmom said...

Love your style (and love my Luckys!) and if you need help at that wedding, go for a Spanx. :-) I lived with my shaper when I was losing my preggo weight.

The Silva's said...

Cute cute dresses!! I love that shirt I may just go get it a size larger to fit the baby bump:)!!!

Keetha said...

Even when I was thin, I don't think I was thin by today's standards. YIKES - - - that's the second or third time I've seen that model in the jeans - - - or her clone - - - and she is disgustingly emaciated!!!! Hehehehehehehe

Leigh said...

I enjoyed stopping by! I hope you can drop in on my fashion fiesta!

Keri said...

Another skinny mini who can wear Lucky jeans! I'm jealous! :)

Lisa said...

The dresses you want to wear are so cute and fun. I would love to shop at Forever 21 (the prices are the right pirce and the clothes are hip); however, my body sshape just doesn't seem to mesh with the size chart at F21, especially now that I am pregnant too!

Big Mama said...

Love the Lucky jeans and the Forever 21 dresses. You'll be there before you know it!

Thanks for joining in!

Anonymous said...
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Lone Butterfly said...

I got here via my sister, BooSheep's, blog - and was stumbling along looking at your links when I found the yellow dress from Forever 21.

Oh - my - goodness. How adorable is that! And, I just happen to have to purchase a dress for a work Kentucky Derby Party.

Coincidence? Or miracle from God? Either way - you have great style! Thanks!