Friday, August 1, 2008

Rice Cereal?????

Yesterday I was at Walmart (shudder...I loathe Walmart) picking up some formula for Ry and I decided I'd go ahead and buy some rice cereal. I figure my pedi will give us the go ahead at her 4 month check up so why not just buy some now, right? Wrong.

It didn't sit in my pantry for 48 hours before I decided I'd just TRY to feed her some. I mean, I have the bowls and spoons...I even have the tray for her Bumbo chair. Why not just see how she does!?!?!?!

Well, why don't yall take a look at the following pictures and let me know how you think it went:







So in summation, is Ryland ready for rice cereal? That's a big no. "Negative Ghost Rider, the pattern is full" (if yall know what I'm talking about here that pretty much makes you awesome)


Lone Butterfly said...

Tee Hee Hee...I tell my children "Negative GhostRider" all the time.

They look at me like I'm crazy...

Heather said...

Oh MY! :) My hubby and I say "Negative Ghost Rider..." all the time!!! That is so hilarious that you wrote it!
Sorry about the cereal....she is growing so much, though!

Chris & AnnMarie said...

I think that's the same expressions Coy made when trying the rice cereal too! And I'm torturing myself by attempting to feed him cereal once per day. And it always ends in tears. Sigh.

Jenny said...

Yeah, I feel your pain. Although my "Ry" started out appearing to like the rice cereal, things quickly turned south :). I have now not only given up on rice cereal, but all baby food :). Aren't finger foods better anyway? Ha...that's what I keep telling myself. :)

I hope she starts liking it...more for your sake than Ryland's!! Starting solids is stressful!!