Sunday, August 17, 2008

ugh, I always forget something

In reference to my previous post...I knew I had more to say:

11. Cold casserole is my mana from Heaven (mana when mana was good and saving lives, not mana when they were tired of it and missing their leeks)...I would pretty much choose one of my Mom's casseroles over any other meal on the when I decided to take dinner (and the aforementioned ridiculous amount of cookies) to someone from church I knew it had to be a casserole...and I made extra for us for dinner. The leftovers have been on the counter and I keep going back for a fork full of the cold deliciousness. I love casserole.

12. My kids are doing those adorable honest little kid prayers...the other day before breakfast Hunt said, "Dear Jesus, thank you for my Mommy, thank you for my TV, thank you for my sister's cell phones, thank you for my food, Amen." Today before lunch CC said, "Thank you for my Grandpa, thank you for my church, Amen." It's one of those things I've been looking forward to them doing and it just makes me smile every time.

13. Jamaica grows the fastest people ever. They're not human. They're machines. It's amazing

14. Whilst cheering for the Olympics Hunt always goes for "The Americas" first then he likes China because that's where "come fu" is from...he's all about "come fu" ever since he saw "come fu panda". He also likes Germany because we have some friends who live there...and France because he felt bad when America pulled out the win in the men's swimming relay.

Ok, I think that's finally it.

Goodnight my peeps.


Heather said...

I love, love, LOVE to hear kids pray! It's even more special when it's your own!
You are cracking me up with the randomness post!

Keri said...

Casserole is the bomb!!!

And seriously, kids' prayers are just too precious and they're the best kind because they're nothing but heart!!!