Saturday, August 2, 2008


So Cierra as morphed into a twenty-something virtually over night.

If I was a friend of mine, or someone not directly responsible for raising her to be a respectful young lady, I would be cracking up at the things she's come up with in the last few days....but since I'm her Mommy and her wacky-ness reflects right back onto me (especially since I'm with her 24-7), I'm beginning to worry. Some of her new behaviors I see in me, but for the most part, I honestly have no idea where she's coming up with this stuff.

The other day I told her to do something (I don't remember, pick something up, put something down whatever...I was giving her instructions) and she said, "You're not the boss of me..." with that little head waggle thing divas do. I mean I know my girl has some diva in her (NO clue where she got that from, haha) but this was like full on you can't tell me what to do which I responded (with my best diva head waggle), "you bet your bootie I'm the boss of you" "no you not Mommy, nobody the boss of anybody"...sigh.

The other night CC hung out with Grandma for a few hours so I could recover from the worst headache in the history of headaches. When my Mom brought her home I asked her if she was a good girl or if she acted ugly at Grandma's house. She cocks her head to the side, shrugs one shoulder and tells me, "Ya, I was a teeny bit ugly", so thank you for the honesty?

Cierra refuses to go out in public wearing anything other than her purple Barbie high heels...they have feathers & sparkelies on I kinda can't blame her. She has the walk down too. CC's flip flop, excuse me, I mean "frip frop" walk is that of a normal 3-1/2 year old...she walks like a kid. You throw a set of heels on that girl and the hips get workin too. A while ago we were in a Kinkos and she had the heels on (I think these were some pink ones with sequins) and she was doing the hip shake on her way out the door, the guy working behind the counter said "oh no she didn't!" Yes, yes...I'm afraid she did.

CC is VERY particular about the cup in which she will drink her milk or juice. She'll stand at the counter and point to the cup she wants. I've tried flexing my Mommy muscle and forcing her to just drink the milk out of the cup I give her...but that always ends up in a battle of the wills, and frankly, hers are stronger than mine. Up until it met it's demise on my wood floor yesterday, her cup of preference was a wine glass. My girl absolutely refused to drink out of anything other than a wine glass. Seriously, no clue where she comes up with this stuff. I have this perfect mental image of her standing there in Tinkerbell panties, a shirt that says Daddy's Super Star, purple Barbie heels, drinking milk out of a wine glass and wearing my ginormous sunglasses.


She also LOVES to play pretend. She'll sit down next to me and say, "Sooooo, how was you work? My kids drive me CRAZIES, they hollering and fight, I put them in tie OUT. I work on the puter in my office. You work on the puter?" all the while she's doing the hand gestures and her voice has all the proper inflection. So we get into these long conversations about our day and how crazy our kids act. She'll pause briefly to talk to the imaginary kids next to her, she'll laugh at them, reprimand them, tell them, "oh you good guuuuuuuuuuurl, you sit up so baby learning how to sit. She a BIG girl". It's like she's sitting at a coffee shop with her girl friend. I love indulging this part of her personality.

Part of her playing pretend is that she's my friend, Michelle. She's always called Michelle "My-shelf" so now she just refers to herself as "Shelf". Thankfully she usually gives me a heads up if she's Shelf or if she's Cierra...because if you call her Cierra when she's CLEARLY being Shelf, you'll never hear the end of it.

Oh, and if she gets mad about something and you try to make her happy...she just says, "NO, I mad now!" So my Mom was telling her that it's ok to get mad sometimes but you have to be mad for a reason. Now it's, "I mad for a reason!" I've tried asking her what that reason is, but she just repeats, "I mad for a REASON I said" apparently we need to explain what "reason" means.

All in all the girl's just pure entertainment. She can make you want to pull your hair out at times, but she's just a blast! Gotta love my girl!!!!!!






bethany said...

Is this what I should expect with a girl?!? She is really funny-maybe you are getting payback? :)

Sabrina said...

Hillarious! I love the wine glass thing. Where do kids get this stuff? I am glad you are back...missed you.

Harmony said...

wine glass! Priceless!!

Harmony said...


Heather said...

I am so sorry about your headache. Your darling girl is hilarious! My Connor calls it the "puter" too! He doesn't wear glittery sparkly feathery heels, though! :)

lyndsay said...

those pictures=HILARIOUS!!

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