Sunday, August 17, 2008

So much to say

Again, I have too much to say and my pretty little head can't organize it well...therefore I present you the following blog, in list format:

1. I just got done making a ridiculous amount of cookies to take to someone from church (and also for my Dad...if anyone thinks that Man can't live off sugar alone, they have yet to meet my Dad) and Cierra is just not ok with the fact that I'm not letting her eat anymore...she's been trying every excuse in the book. She just told me that she needs to eat a cookie because it looks like it's going to fall off the counter. I gave her the cookie.

2. If I had to write a back to school report it would be entitled, "What The Summer Olympics Mean to Me". I am a massive Summer Olympics junkie. I mean MASSIVE. My TV hasn't left NBC since 8/8/08. I cry everytime an American wins. Some of my favs have been Nastia Liukin and her Daddy at the women's all around, Shalane Flannagan and her Mommy when she placed third in the 10,000 meter race and of course Momma Phelps everytime her son won....must be something about the parents showing so much emotion for their kids, it gets to me on the Mom level.

3. China needs to change the name of their "women's" gymnastics team to "Huggy Bear Daycare and Gymnastics Squad"...I'm pretty sure the average age of girls competing for China is nine.

4. Last night Kevin called to tell me that "Dara Torres is a Spartan Woman"...that is the highest complement he can give a person. (The movie 300 has a special place in Kevin's heart. He had to buy a new Blue Ray copy for Montana).

5. Did yall watch our men win Bronze at the gymnastics team finals? How amazing was that? And with two alternates?!?! And how bad did we feel for the third alternate who didn't get to compete? Did yall see him crying in the stands????????? He sooooo should have gotten a medal too. Just because.

6. My boy took me on a date the other night....we went to eat mexi food, he wanted a restaurant where you could eat chips while you waited...AND he picked up the tab. After dinner we rented Drillbit Taylor. It's FUNNY. Hunter told me that was the best night of his life. I'll let you pause to wipe the tears away...

7. If it's in any way possible, I think my baby is teething already. Ryland ALWAYS has her hand in her mouth and she drools like a mad woman. Right now my Mom is carrying her around and she's gnawing on her own baby will chew on absolutely anything, she also has a fondness for her big brother's finger. I felt around in her mouth for any teeth popping through but haven't found any yet...but still, if yall saw her you'd think she was teething too. I promise.

8. Sophia introduced me to a fitness bootcamp last week. There aren't words to explain the amount of pain my body has been in since we started on Monday. My fat rolls are sore. I'm beyond determined to lose this baby weight faster than I lost it with far it's still slow going, but this class just has to help. Pain like that better come with a side of six pack abs.

9. I also tried running one night last week. I have this crazy notion that I'm still an athlete so I push my body too hard and end up hurting myself...I wonder if my bum knee will get me out of some running tomorrow night at boot camp. I know it won't, but a girl can dream.

10. Ok, so I don't have a number ten and I had a lot less to say than I thought...but here's a little teaser. When I upload some pictures my next blog is going to be titled, "Hunter and Green Stuff"...I know, I know, yall are on the edges of your seats.


Amanda said...

Did you see the 33 year old German gymnast win a silver medal last night? Might she also be Spartan?

Keri said...

Ryland could be teething!! My little brother cut 4 teeth when he was 3 months old!