Friday, June 13, 2008

Too old for Mom? ALREADY?!?!?!

This will not be a long kids are asleep and I'm tired so I'm soon to follow, but I just had to share something. I've been on the phone with Kevin (as usual) and Ryland was laying on the couch in between where Cierra and I were sitting...she was all happy, "talking", smiling, etc so when I got off the phone I decided to pick her up...well all of a sudden she's fussy.

I tried feeding her.

Tried the trusty yellow "paci".

I did the walk & bounce thing she likes.

Changed her diaper.

Nothing is working and it's been over 30 minutes so something must be terribly wrong....right?

Well I'm getting a little tired so I layed her back down on the couch to get a drink of water....wait a minute, it's quiet. I go check and she's smiling again. Surely this can't be right. Did my child really just want to be left alone to lay on the couch?

She's not even two months old yet. This is so not cool.


Anonymous said...

She isn't too old for you don't worry. Kennedy did the same thing. Sometimes she just wanted to be left alone. It isn't a bad thing at all, enjoy it.


Sabrina said...

That is hillarious because Emerson does the same thing! She loves her independence...we are in for some serious trouble when they get to be teenagers- oh wait, does that sound like any certain rollerblading girls that we once knew? :) Sabrina

Heather said...

I'm sure she still LOVES her mommy! Maybe she just knew you needed some down time?!?!?!

Jenny said...

I think I blogged about this with Ryder. He liked the stupid flashing star on his playmat. I read all about how the first three months should really be considered the "4th trimester" babies just need you to hold them all the time, to be close to you....all of that. So when Tim put him on the playmat I would get mad, tell him to pick him up, Tim would do so...ocassionally :)...and then Ryder would fuss. I think he was on the mat for a few hours one night, just lovin' life. Don't worry, she still needs you and loves you...and like Courtney said, enjoy it! You deserve a break more than anyone I know!

Keri said...

Are we really EVER too old for Mom?!?! :)