Friday, June 20, 2008

my Heather...Sonic Speed Tag

Kevin sees me on the computer and says, "are you going to blog about how within 30 minutes of being home I've fixed everything in the house?" hahaha...he just had to fix the garbage disposal for me. Sure is nice to have him home :)

But no, I'm not blogging about Kevin...I was tagged by Heather, and as much as it pains me to talk about myself (hahahaha), I kid...I love question & answer posts!!

1. What was I doing 10 years ago? I had just graduated high school and was planning to head off to Texas A&M. I was totally an adult...17 and ready to take on the world! I've mentioned this in a previous post, but I'll be hesitant to send any of my kids straight to a big college like that after high school. Too many temptations that I was NOT mature enough to handle.

2. My Favorite Snacks, I LOVE snacks!: I love snacks too...and chips and salsa will always be my number one. When we were kids in Arizona my Mom always made us "cheese crisps" which is just a tortilla with shredded cheese stuck under the broiler and cut into pizza slices...dip it in salsa and it's pure heaven yall. I also love popcorn, almonds and yogurt (not at the same time)...oh, and Popsicles too. OH veggies and dill dip, love that too.

3. Five things on my to-do list is not a normal day, I don't even have five things to do. I've been working hard all week in preparation for the ONLY thing I had to do today....pick Kevin up from the airport :) happy sigh

4.Things I would do if I were a billionaire: write a massive check to the Building Fund at church, pay Greg off so we could stop this court battle and we could all move to Montana together...assuming we'd still move to Montana if we were billionaires. Pay off my parents house but not tell them so they'd just get a letter in the mail saying their house was paid for. Pay off my Dad's medical bills and pay for the top-est (made up Erin word) plastic surgeon in the world to give him whatever reconstructive surgeries he'd like. Buy my Mom her Expedition back that she had to sell. Pay for Trevor to go to college. Buy Sophia a cottage. OBVIOUSLY I'd pay off our debt...and Kevin and I would build a dream house. Set money aside for three kids to go to college (ouch). Take my kids to Disney Land. Do all sorts of little things for people that they'd never expect and not tell them I did it...and clearly I'd have to pay someone to manage these billions that I've already spent a lot of.

5. Five jobs that I've had...1. retail 2. lifeguard 3. activities director at an apartment complex 4. office manager for a high end residential interior designer 5. and my favorite job ever, doing marketing and research for an educational technology distributor where I developed a serious passion for education...I'll tell you all about it sometime.

6. Five places I've lived 1. San Clemente, CA 2. Tempe, AZ 3. Houston, TX 4. Pearland, TX 5. Missoula, MT (wishful thinking)

7.Five random things people wouldn't know about me: This is tough because I'm such an open book, I really don't hold much back, but I'll try! 1. I have a heart shaped freckle on my left arm that I'm incredibly proud of (I have millions of freckles but this one is seriously a perfect heart)...I'm a hopeless romantic and I think it's proof that I'm destined for a fairy tale ending. 2. the thought of working out in front of Kevin is mortifying for me...maybe because I'm not one of those chicks that looks all freshly done and dewy whilst exercising. 3. I write blog posts in my head all day but when I actually sit down at the computer to post a blog, I draw a blank...then I decide to post some random blog about nothing but when I'm done all these other great ideas come to mind...frustrating yall! 4. speaking of "yall", when we moved to Texas I swore I'd never say "yall" or "fixin to", and I say both...LOTS. 5. I think I'm a really good singer when I'm jammin' in the car, so I turn the music down to check...and sure enough, I'm sooooo not a good singer.

8.Five cds that I'd have to take on a desert island 1. Aerosmith, Big Ones (a greatest hits) 2. Bon Jovi, Cross Road (it's a greatest hits too) 3 & 4. Marc Broussard, Carenco & Momentary Setback 5. both of Miranda Lambert's CDs and The Wreckers...see how I totally snuck seven CDs in there? haha

9. People I tag are.......CeCe, Fia, Linda, Sab, Missy & Stephanie

Rock On,


Linda Vujnov said...

You lived in So. Cal Erin? We were neighbors!

I love your fun post. I am a freak for chips and salsa. I'll try to think of something from the tag, however, I'm super bad at tags!!!

KISH said...

i'm a little hurt about not being tagged...but whatever, erin!

i post blogs in my head all day too and then struggle to find things to talk about. either that or i am not able to articulate them as wonderfully as they were in my noggin'. what are you gonna do????

bethany said...

I do that same thing with blogging-it never turns out how I had imagined earlier in the shower (where I do my best thinking :))
Oh and with that pregnancy pact thing, I just keep wondering "where are these girl's mothers"? Can you imagine seeing a stroller in the halls of Cy-Falls?!? It really just blows my mind.

Heather said...

LOVE IT! I love Bon Jovi, too...and chips and salsa! And I look like the living dead when I work out! I refuse to wear make-up just to sweat!
Hope you're having a great, great day!

Sabrina said...

Dude, tell Jenny to let me in on her blog:) Sabrina

The Barfuss Family said...

Okay, I FINALLY did it. :)