Thursday, June 12, 2008

Summer Make Over

Yep...Mama's trying to get a little bloggy makeover from Pink Armchair Designs, go check her probably need one too (I mean that waaaaaaaaaaaaay nicer than I's still kinda early, I've had no can't hold me accountable for anything I say yet). Go check out her blog, sign up for the contest and tell her I sent ya....Sabrina sent me, I love Sabrina. I hope she wins (see, I CAN be nice early in the am...not that 9:40 is early, but whatever...apparently lack of caffeine makes me ramble too).

Alright, so check it out!!!!!!!!!!


Heather said...

I would love a blog makeover, and it seems like everyone is getting them! I gotta get in gear!
Hey- you have really been on my heart the last day or so and I have been praying for you like crazy. I'm praying God will just show up HUGE in your custody situation and just your everyday life. He loves us so much, Erin....I just pray He will show you non-stop as you keep pressing on!