Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hatfields vs McCoys

Apparently my wood laminate floors and Cierra's Mug Rootbeer do not get along well. Since this household is home to a real life cowboy:


I'll make an analogy that is fitting for us floors:Mug Rootbeer, Hatfields:McCoys

Earlier today CC dropped a cup of Mug Rootbeer on the floor that has created a stickiness impervious to a Swiffer Wet Jet, a plain ol Swiffer Sweeper with wet cloths, Clorox Disinfecting Kitchen Cleaner, Pledge Multi Surface Cleaner, Oxy Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner, an off brand toilet cleaner and plain ol elbow grease. Now, I understand that three out of the seven attempted cleaning products are not intended for floor usage but I've become desperate.

I can promise you there is not a germ to be found in front of my couch...but the stickiness remains. How is this so?


Anonymous said...

Maybe a product called Goo gone would work. It works for other sticky things.

Michelle said...

It's time to invest in a lovely rug to cover that area! ; )

Chris & AnnMarie said...

I use Method Wood Cleaner (Target sells Method products) and OrangeGlo Wood cleaner. Maybe those would help? I know Swiffer doesn't work too well on my floors for some reason...
Ryland is so beautiful! And don't worry, I'm sure she LOVES her mama!

BooSheep said...

My magic eraser works on about never know!