Tuesday, June 10, 2008

In case you haven't been able to tell...

I'm really a fan of talking about myself, but that's what blogs are for right? I got this from Heather, so here we go:

1. Favorite person in the world: You know I can't pick just one,

H to the P to the S
The Diva
and Baby Sister

2. Favorite Food: Mexi of course...beef fajitas, chips and salsa, chips and queso, etc

3. Quirks about you (you being me, that probably went without saying...moving on): There are many, but how about I don't embarrass myself and I'll pick just one: I have a walking soundtrack in my head, everything I do I think about what song should be playing at the moment...and every song I hear I relate to a situation (past or present), it's messing with my reality because on more than one occasion Kevin has heard, "why can't you think about me like those lyrics in that one song (insert song lyrics here)?" to which he replies "how many times do I have to tell you that, A. I'm not a song writer and B. I can't even understand what they're saying in (insert song lyrics I was previously complaining about)" He has a point there. I also make up dance routines in my head to pop and hip hop songs...which is hilarious since I could never actually DO the dances I makes up.

This guy, Marc Broussard, writes the song lyrics that I complain about most often:

4. Any regrets in life: psh, how much time do you have? Don't get me wrong, that whole "everything happens for a reason" ideal is what gets me by in life, along with all that mumbo jumbo about "everything in my past got me to who I am today, and I love my life" etc, but that doesn't stop me from having regrets. I fully believe that I could be who I am and where I am without having made certain decisions. The person I was prior to meeting Kevin is NOT someone I'm proud of. I've forgiven myself because I know I've been forgiven, but I still regret a lot of hurt I caused other people...and myself. And also my tattoos, I don't like any of them anymore...which causes a dilemma being that they're kind of permenent and all.

5. Favorite blog recently: All of the ones I have on my daily read list, along with The Pioneer Woman and The Nesting Place...and I have no clue why I haven't put them on my daily read list yet.

6. Worst job you've ever had: hands down, TCM Forklifts...I worked there for a matter of weeks and it was B to the A to the D. They had no internet (and this was only a year ago I worked there) and were so stingy on supplies that in order to get a new pen from the supply Nazi you had to go prove to her that your current pen was out of ink...and that' just the tip of the ice burg. Not to mention, the work I did was so ridiculously simple that my day was finished about 20 minutes after I go there...no lie, and without having the world wide web there was nothing to do the rest of the day. I'm surprise I lasted as long as I did (and like I said, I didn't last long).

7. What job would you pay NOT to have: the aforementioned job at TCM.

8. Favorite Bible verse right now: um, I just bought a Bible yesterday so I'm not exactly at the favorite verse part yet. Don't get me wrong, I grew up in church but only recently has it really MEANT something to me...so ask me again in a few weeks and I'm sure I'll have some favorites!

9. Got any confessions: I just ate some left over quesadilla that belonged to Cierra, that is SOOOO not on my eating healthy plan. I also bite my cuticles, it's awful...I wish I knew how to quit you, cuticles. I can also spend too much money at the grocery store because I love to cook and I justify it because you can't get in trouble for buying groceries....right???

10. If you HAD to spend $1000 on yourself, how would you spend it: right now it would be on a personal trainer. Typically it would be on clothes but I refuse to buy clothes until I can buy them in my pre-Ryland size (or smaller).

11. Favorite thing about your house: sigh, without going into the drama I did last time, I'll say...the floors that Kevin put in. I love the look of dark wood floors next to white base boards and tan walls.

12. One thing you're bad at: saving money, self control of any sort, spelling, putting mascara on without getting it on my eyelids, finishing laundry...oh I'm sorry, did you say ONE?

13. One thing you're good at: talking. I can (and do) talk to anyone about anything at anytime...oh and to add one thing to the question above...I'm also bad at knowing when to stop talking.

14. If you could change something about your circumstances, what would it be: that's an easy one, I would live in the same city as Kevin and Hunter at the same time.

15. Who would you like to meet someday: The Pioneer Woman, but she'd probably get a restraining order...there's a borderline obsession there.

16. Who is your real life hero: as cliche as it sounds, my Mommy. She's lived a HARD life and been faced with one unimaginable obstacle after another but instead of being jaded she's the one who motivates me to stay positive and keep looking forward.

17. When are you most relaxed: when I'm at my Mom's


18. What stresses you out: the days before Kevin comes home. I want the house to be immaculate, the kids to be happy (and not fight...hahahaha), the food to be perfect, me to be a size two, etc...I want his trips home to be so perfect that he can't stand to leave again.

19. Why do you blog: I needed a good place to talk about myself


20. There should be a 2oth question...gotta keep it even, ummmm: Why do they have all those latex gloves in your hospital room after you give birth: so your brother can entertain your kids.



Heather said...

Your kids are PRECIOUS! and you are a doll....don't let that baby weight/workout stuff get you down because I think you look amazing!
That TM-Whatever job sounds terrible! OH- and I do the same thing with the grocery store...."It's good to spend this much....then we won't eat out!" Yeah, right!
That picture of Ryland in the pink is FAB.

Amanda said...

Love, love, love that pic of you and Ryland sleeping. Look up Ephesians 3:14-21. You'll like it.

Erin said...

I just whipped out my brand new $7.99 pink Bible and looked up that verse...love it, perfect...thank you sister!

Anonymous said...

hospital gloves for keeping the kids entertained? how about keeping himself entertained.

Keri said...

I think you're gorgeous!! What I wouldn't give to be your size! I say that...but does that mean I give up Taco Bell and go to the gym? No. LOL

I also love the picture of you sleeping with Ryland. And I love the picture of you in the sombrero!!