Monday, June 9, 2008

afternoon update

I'm standing at my bar area (where my lap top lives) doing a standing ab workout and having e-mail conversations with two friends of mine...Ryland is in her swing, she doesn't want to be, but she's being a trooper...Cierra is in the kitchen and I just paused to actually WATCH what she's doing. I am so mad I'm not quick enough or I'd have caught this on video for yall, but she's created herself a little solo mosh pit. She stands next to the oven then runs sideways to bang herself off the a little cabinet pin ball. And she's CRACKING herself up. There are tears in her eyes she's laughing so hard. She's LITERALLY bouncing off the walls. I guess that's my sign to get off the computer and entertain my three year old...sorry John & Amanda, we'll have to talk later. HAHAHA


Ashley said...

Erin, I have so enjoyed reading your blog and seeing how God has drawn you near to Him and blessed your life and your family! Congrats on the newest little one in the bunch!! Hopefully I'll see you at our 10 yr. reunion...would love to catch up!