Thursday, June 19, 2008

my bad

a while ago I posted something where I dogged Kate of John & Kate Plus Eight and I said she always seemed mean and they knew what they were doing having six babies from infertility treatments....and now, as I'm up with a wide awake 7-week old watching a little "catch up on John & Kate and their journey to eight" (that's not what they named the show...but they should have)...I'm feeling like such a biatch.

A. they just called me out and said that in all the history of fertility it's only happened 14 times that someone ended up with 6 there was no way they knew this could happen

my bad

B. I only have three kids and I can promise you that I seem mean ALL the with her having eight, ya...

my bad

MY BAD yall...I must have been having a bad day when I posted that. I think Ryland is finally ready to fall asleep. PRAISE GOD.

Goodnight for real this time :)


Lone Butterfly said...

I'll send up a few special extra prayers for Ryland's sleeping habits. Goodness knows "real sleep" for a Mum is needed.

I can sympathize with being the only adult, and having a baby (but I only had one toddler - my oldest was 2 at the time).

Have fun with Hubby!

Heather said...

I have thought the SAME things- everyone loves Kate so I wanted to, too, but I just don't like her that much!
I did see the episode you are talking about, and I can see what you're saying....
Hope you and your husband and kids are having SO MUCH FUN being together!

lyndsay said...

I can't watch that show, because I think Kate is super mean, but I don't have kids yet, so...yeah!