Wednesday, March 19, 2008

today in a nut shell....or make it an egg shell

There's no real way for me to segway between this evenings events, so maybe list format is the way to go...we'll give it a shot.

1. Right after work the kids and I met Sophia and Lindsey at CiCis for dinner...exciting, I know. I'm a total health nut, I only feed my kids the best. Anyways, the kids favorite thing about eating at CiCis are the games. Those games happen to also be my least favorite thing about eating at CiCis...we agree to disagree on that point. Now while Hunter is (almost) big enough to play the actual arcade games, CC is pretty much content to climb all over the Spiderman car.

**Novice blogger disclaimer...I'm horrible at posting pictures on this here blogspot, they all come up in the wrong order and I can't just insert them, I have to put them in at the beginning (and attempt to upload them backwards) then type around them, so the pics below are not in the right order**

So the kids are playing while the girls and I are chatting and I look over to see Cierra with her arm around Spiderman...and she proceeds to kiss him on the cheek. It is pure hilarity. I thank my lucky stars I had my camera in my purse to catch this! She totally sees me taking pictures at this point but being that she loves to preform for the camera, she keeps on going...when Hunt sees me taking pictures of Cierra he has to jump in the car next for his turn, which is to be's how we roll around here. See below, HILARIOUS! Oh, and the green spot on CC's face is a tattoo left over from St. Patty's Day at school...she won't let me take it off.

2. After dinner we come home and the kids are DYING to peel the eggs they colored at school...of course they had to be the ones to peel them, see below for how well that worked out! Then they tried the eggs, hated the eggs, threw said eggs in the trash...and that is that. Hunter said he likes his eggs better cooked and once you make them a color they get gross. Ok.

3. Lastly, I'm no Pioneer Woman (yet...just wait until I'm in Montana, then it's ON Ree) but I just have to brag on my mad culinary skillz real quick. I made my first pie crust tonight. It may not be pretty, but it's from SCRATCH yall. And granted, Trevor had to bring me a pie pan from Mom's stash because I don't have one, but I made a pie crust.

What's going in this masterpiece you ask? Well a chocolate filling of course. this chocolate's one of the many masterpieces I plan on making for my man while he's home for the weekend. I decided that since my looks are that of an exhausted woman in her 8th month of gestation I could at least give him some deliciousness while he's home. Anything that will send him back to Montana missing me is my goal...and good LORD do I have some deliciousness planned for this weekend...I made a menu :) We'll see how much I actually make, but either way I'm pretty sure this qualifies me for Domestic Diva status.

I'll have to update after Kevin goes back as to what actually got made, but I have high hopes. I love cooking and it's not nearly as much fun with Kevin gone, so I'll make up for it while I can.

What else? Oh ya...

4. When CC was talking to Daddy on the phone tonight he'd obviously asked her if she was being a good girl b/c she makes this face and says, "I not a good girl, I tee-tee on the couch". She has this weird thing about being waaaaaaaaay more honest than any other toddler / pre-schooler EVER. She tells on herself all the time. Anyways, she'd been sitting on the couch and after a while she gets up and I notice the tell tale wet spot on the couch cushion (this is not our first experience)...homegirl pees on the couch and doesn't say anything about it, it's not until she gets up that I notice! And this is a child who doesn't have accidents...never once has she wet the bed, but you sit her on the couch in a dress and she pees. Sheets I can wash, but the couch cushion? I've found that carpet cleaner works fine, but it's just the's such a Cierra thing to do. How can you not love this kid?????

5. I have no idea what this means for the future of my family, but the baby in my belly has very distinct reactions to my kids. Hunt can get a subtle wave like motion out of her but anytime CC lays her head on my tummy the baby goes crazy. I'm pretty sure this means "she" is actually a she and that she's going to give Cierra the same kind of grief she currently gives Hunter...and that Hunter will be her calming protector. I could be completely off base here, but that idea makes me smile, so I'm going with it.

Yep, so that was tonight...I get to pick Kevin up at the airport tomorrow after work. Picture me with a big cheesy ridiculous grin on my face and that's about a fraction of how excited I am :)