Thursday, May 8, 2008

Two Weeks!

10 things I've learned about my darling daughter Ryland in the last two weeks:

1. She has her father's gastrointestinal, she gassy.

2. Her eyes go crossed when she's "making a poo". Just go ahead and visualize that one. My sweet dainty baby girl...with eyes crossed she's working so hard...she will love hearing this story when I meet her boyfriends for the first time.

3. The INSTANT she gets a dirty diaper it better be off her, she hates to have a dirty diaper and she will let you know.

4. My first attempt at a lunch out with her and my Mom (at La Madeline of course) ended abruptly with an explosive diaper that left it's marks on her car seat carrier thing, her clothes, her blanket AND my shirt...such a rookie Mom move.

5. Finally, something not about her bowls: I'm breast feeding but having to supplement with formula due to "inadequate supply" (this is another blog in's coming, hold your horses) and she is very picky about which one she wants when she's hungry...if she's in the mood for a bottle and I offer her my mammary goodness, she ain't havin it...if she wants food from her Momma and I give her bottle...equally mad. I try to explain to her that beggars can't be choosers but I guess babies are hard to reason with.

6. She is THE best baby at night. She sleeps for long bouts from 8 pm to 7 am waking up to eat once or twice and her feedings only last about 15 min each.

7. She balances her perfection at night by being high maintenance during the day...but in all honesty, it's my fault. I literally couldn't put her down for the first few days she was alive. I was too in love and couldn't bare not being attached to her, I mean we spent every second of the last nine months together, and now that she's here and I can kiss that perfect face you expect me to put her down? Not now she just expects to be held 24-7...and you know what? I'm perfectly happy to oblige. Eventually I'm going to have to train her to hang out in the awesome sling Jenny got me, but for now I just say, "she's only this little once"

8. In all 15 days of her life I think I've said Ryland's name about 5 times. I'm so used to calling her "the baby" or "baby sister" (because we hadn't decided on a name prior to her birth) that I haven't gotten into that habit of calling her Ryland yet.

9. There is a HUGE difference in the kind of mother I am now than I was when Hunt was 15 days old. Maybe it's the fact that I'm 5-1/2 years older or maybe it's just because I'm not a first time Mom anymore, but I'm so much more relaxed and it does feel a lot more natural this time...and the fact that I recognize that makes me wish I could start over with H too...I feel like I missed out on his newborn days because I was too worked up about all the wrong things.

10. Having Ryland here in the flesh makes me love her Daddy even more. Looking at her tiny face and seeing Kevin's lips and the shape of his eyes just warms my heart...the man of my dreams and I have created this perfect little being and there is no one in the world I'd rather share this with!


Anonymous said...

hey, you dont need me to take pictures of Ryland. these pictures are adorable.
i have a blog now in case you didnt know. =)

The Silva's said...

That was the sweetest post, she is absolutely adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

Erin she is beautiful. Don't worry about the supplementing and don't let anyone tell you that you are bad for doing it (I hate when people tell you how horrible it is to give them formula, when did it become their business?). We struggled with that with Kennedy. You are doing a great job! Can't wait to see more pictures and hear more stories.


Michelle said...

She is so precious! I miss having boys are 11 and 12. They are rarely cute and they tend to smell bad!! ;)

Keri said...

This is an awesome post!! I love it! Number 9 really encouraged me. I've been very anxious about the newborn stage, it was so rough the first time. But maybe I'll be like you and be more relaxed this time!

Number 10 made me cry.