Monday, May 26, 2008's how I roll

Awesome photo of my Ryland naked is compliments of Sophia's new camera. We love Sophia's new camera.

So much to post...thoughts won't come together properly...perhaps a list?

1. This morning we ("we" meaning my parents, my seeds and myself) all went to a memorial at the Veterans cemetery in was beautiful, the cemetery itself and the memorial. It was hotter than love and thankfully they decided to start the program at 9:30 am but regardless, I need to remember that Houston summers are entirely too hot for a one month old. **side note, Ryland is already a month old...where does the time go?** There were so many people there...and such a variety of people too. We stood near a young-ish (my age) Dad and his toddler son. The Dad was in work clothes and in my head he hurried from work to take his son to the memorial and teach him all about the fallen heroes...and since there was no Mom with them, she was fighting over seas...I have an active imagination. Anyways...the kind of people who stand in the heat to pay tribute to soldiers known and unknown are the kind of people you don't mind being in a crowd with. And by "kind" I don't mean the way they look...I mean the KIND of people they are. Friendly, patriotic, respectful, more than likely Christian...we had one lady offer Claudius some water, another lady gave my kids orange slices, yet another lady gave them little American flags to wave. There were tons of boy came to my Dad and asked to pet the Claudster, he was HILARIOUS this kid. Cracked us up, a future Jimmy Kimmel. We parked illegally and didn't get tickets, it was a nice morning.

2. Pastor Chris' sermon on Sunday was about worry...and how we should not let it control our lives. The sermon itself was AMAZING (as his always are) but the timing was even better. Tomorrow morning is our court date. Prayers around the 9:00 am hour would be most appreciated. I'm praying for an open-minded and fair judge and also for my sanity, I've been holding it together really well and I feel like I'll be ok, but knowing me I can lose it in an instant :) During the kids time (we're back to church on Sunday) Big Mike gave the kids a small container of bubbles and told them that when they had a worry they should blow a bubble, watch it float away, and give it to God. So last night when the panic set in I just kept telling myself "bubbles...bubbles" so that'll be my new mantra. I hope my lawyer doesn't think I'm a basket case!

3. I found this post from Kelley's blog...tomorrow night I know just what pitcher I'm breaking!
4. Last week my amazing friend CeCe came over. Not only did she provide me with some much needed adult conversation but she brought a delicious dinner, another dinner for us to eat the next night, two desserts, gifts for the big kids (new crayons and color books, mini doodle-pros, play dough and card kids are still smiling!), the cutest monogrammed onsie for Ryland and the most heartfelt gift for me too...I got a great card and a bath set from Philosophy. Click on the link and see if you can read what it says on the perfect is that? CeCe is one in a million. And for the record, trying to explain that CeCe has the same name as my CC to Cierra (my CC) is extremely a three year old's world no one has your name.
5. Um, ok maybe I didn't have THAT much to post about. But a list made it easier for me. I have so many pictures I need to show yall. Hunt's graduation and some cute ones of the girls too. All in due time my friends...all in due time. Doesn't that make me sound aloof? Really it's just when I get around to it.
p.s. my intentions on losing all baby weight within a month isn't working out so well...any evil geniuses out there who know how I can lose 30 lbs in a month...hit a sister up with a comment.


Amanda said...

Are you going to show pics of your pitcher when you do it? I'll be praying tomorrow!!! I'm asking God to give you favor with the judge and with Greg.

BooSheep said...

1) That is SO husband and I love to "people watch" and try to figure out who they are and what they are doing :)
2) Check out the bubble gun I got for Little Sheep on my blog... that is what I would need for my worrying! :) I will never look at it the same again!
3) I stumbled across The Past and the Pitcher on Sunday and did that this weekend. It was a neat experience. I put pictures of the pitcher on my blog.
I will be praying for you specifically at 9am today. I am sure that is why the Lord had me check your blog this morning!

The Silva's said...

I have been praying for you all morning, hope you are doing well!! That is one beautiful baby! I am so jealous, AJ's school did not have a graduation can you believe that? No Kindergarten graduation? What is this world comming too??? Hope all is well, thinking about you guys and praying for you!!!

Keri said...

I might scroll down and answer my own question here, but what did you have court for?

Your children are precious!!! :)

cece said...

I have a blog now...get excited :)