Monday, May 12, 2008

a sleep deprived ramble...complete with pictures

Today I mean business!!! I've decided that all the weight that's going to come off on it's own has already come off (25 lbs) so the rest (30 lbs) is up to me, and boy does that stink! My plan to breast feed the pounds away was cut short when my left milk machine stopped producing and my right one doesn't produce enough to satisfy my child (and this after I endured a week of bleeding nipples)...I just looked on and it seems as though you need to consume a certain amount of calories to produce enough, my bad. I've had NO apetite since giving birth, which is so unlike me, but literally the thought of food makes my stomach turn. Perhaps I need to eat more and then I can get back to the business of making milk!

Speaking of my nursing troubles...aparently my infant child doesn't like to be bragged on. Ever since I posted about her sleeping so good at night, she's decided to go ahead and stop. I'm afraid I have another Strong Willed Child on my hands here. Saturday night she didn't sleep a wink (thankfully we were having a sleep over at my Mom's so she was there so help a sister out) and she wasn't just awake, she was FUSSY. Her little tummy was upset, so sad. Then last night she was up from 2-6am, not fussy...just awake. But as soon as she did fal asleep at six she threw up all over her bassinet. Kev and I decided her little tummy doesn't like all the formula so I'm going to have a heart to heart with my mamory glands and we're going to find a way to compromise and get Ryland full from Cafe Mommy.

What's the word on off brand formula? Walgreens has their version of Infamil Lipil two of the BIG cans for $20...that's way less than half the cost of the brand name stuff. What's the catch there? I never used generic formula with the Hunt (and I didn't nurse him at all) so I'm in the dark here...but that seems too good to be true.

Why is it that now that she's napping I have all this energy? I'm doing laundry, blogging, making my lawyer appointments, just did some floor exercises (not in the gymnastics sense)...and I should be sleeping! I slept a matter of minutes last night...why the adrenaline rush at such inoportune times?

Did yall watch the Survivor finale last night? I totally forgot about it until 8:00 so I saw the end but I missed all the drama of the 7:00 hour...shame on me.

Just watched Jason Castro preform my second favorite song of all times on Regis & Kelly, Over the Rainbow by IZ...I think he has a shot with all of my friends in the Jack Johnson / Colbie Calait world...I can dig it, he has that California surfer vibe going on...I'll be a fan.

I have no idea why I watch The just gets me so riled up. I don't agre with 99% of the things they say on this show, and poor Elisabeth...what's the point of the token republican if they don't even let her get a word in edge wise? They're just jealous because she's so cute.

I have a love / hate relationship with Jon & Kate Plus Eight. As most of you probably know, there was a marathon on yesterday so my Mom and I watched some of it and I know that show has a lot of fans in the blogging world, so I hope I don't offend...but she just works my nerves. Maybe it's just the editing, but she NEVER smiles, she's always so serious and they never show her playing with her kids or saying a kind word to her husband. She comes off as so demanding to me. And I hate the intro where she says, "...we tried for one more but were surprised with six". Um, I'm assuming she was implanted with six fertalized eggs, and I don't know that much about infertility treatments, but how can you be "surprised" with six babies when you implanted six fertalized eggs? If you implanted two and six came out, ya...that's a surprise...but you asked for six babies and six babies you got. I'm sorry, I'm just not convinced that nature intended us to have six babies at a time...but then again God allowed for six healthy kids so I guess it's a gray area. And I do watch the show so I suppose I'm being a tad hypocritical...if it bothered me that much I could just not watch, but I do. And clearly I need to go take a nap because I'm sounding very bitter.
This was, hands down, the post pointless post in the history of pointless posts and I don't think I'm even going to spell apologies.


Amanda said...

Love the new pictures! Eating oatmeal and drinking lots of water will help your milk supply increase. Also, my friend's pedi told her it doesn't really make a difference whether you get the expensive formulas or the cheap ones. You might want to ask your pediatrician and see what they say. Love you!

Anonymous said...

I was under the impression you were only allowed one "strong willed" child. If that isn't the case I might be in for it. It sounds like you are doing a great job and I love the rambling post. I am now officially addicted to your blog and check every day to see if there is a new entry.


The Silva's said...

The only difference we have seen with the name brand vs store brand formulasis the ability to mix well with room temperature water. If you boil the waster and make the bottles ahead of time they are just the same, look at the labels, they will probably have all the same ingredients. More and more I think our kids would be BIG trouble together, all of them!!! Love the pictures, they are absolutely adorable!!! Get your rest while you can, too bad the wild hair didn't come while she was awake from 2-6, although, I am not sure your lawyer would appreciate that call:)!!

Keri said...

LOL I love your ramblings!!

I have seen Kate smile and play with her kids...and I have heard her encourage Jon. I'm sure they choose to edit a lot of that stuff out, hoping for viewers who will love to hate Kate. Personally, I love her, although sometimes I'm embarrassed for her when she screams at Jon in public like he's a dog. LOL! And it is a miracle that all six of her babies lived and are so healthy..that is the amazing part.

Keep rambling! :)

Erin said...

After I posted this I saw a preview for the umcoming episode of Jon & Kate where she's playing dress up with her kids....ummmm, my bad :)

Lone Butterfly said...

Ug! Strong-Willed child + Nursing frustrations. That brings back memories from about 8 years ago.

Of course, the nursing is no longer a frustration - I cannot say the same for the "strong-willed" part.

Beautiful pictures of your little ones, and I'll be praying for a good rest for you.