Saturday, May 31, 2008

Never say never...

So my new bloggy friend Heather made a post about 20 things she's pretty sure she'll never do, and I decided I'd do the same...but I couldn't really think of 20 things I'd never do, well nothing original at least. So instead, here is a list of 10 things (because 20 is a long list and I'm tired) I never thought I'd do (or could do) and have done:

1. In honor of her number one, I'll trump Heather's "I'll never eat sushi" and say...I never thought I'd eat sushi, but then I tried it...and I LOVE it.

2. I went sky diving, not once, but twice...and again, I LOVE it.

3. I never thought I could love a step child like my own...until I met Cierra, and sisters...that child is mine in every way that matters.

4. I never thought I'd look forward to anything that comes on the Disney channel, until I saw Choo Choo Soul. There's this one where she sings, "if I was a car, I'd be a race car...if I was a plane, I'd be a jet plane...and if I was a truck, I'd be a monster truck...and if I was a train, I'd be a bullet train..." or something like that. Hunter and I are on the edge of our seats every morning hoping they'll re-play it. And oh happy day! When I went to post the link I saw that you can watch the video for each song. I must admit I'm singing along to, "bullet train, bullet train..woo woo (so fast)". Look it up :)

5. I never thought I'd like another video from Choo Choo Soul more that Bullet Train, until I just looked up, "Do your own dance". Man, that Genevieve is on to something, "everybody, everybody mmmm yeaaaa"

6. I never NEVER never thought I'd drive a mini-van...and now I'm begging Kevin to buy me one. Do you know how hard it is to fit three car seats in the back seat of ANYthing? Let alone something that gets more than 12 miles to a gallon? I can say that I'll never wear pleated pants though, I may be a Mom of three...and Lord willing I'll pull up to soccer practice in a mini van, but I'll NEVER sport pleated pants and seasonal sweater vests.

7. I never thought I'd be able to do the whole long distance relationship thing...until my dream guy found out that his dream job just so happened to be in Montana.

8. I never thought I'd have a problem with my weight or my body image...until I went to college and replaced hours of volleyball and running with hours beer and Freebirds. Yea, THEN I went ahead and had babies.

9. I never thought I'd really be able to quit smoking (this has been a habit since high school)...until I tried a cigarette after having Ryland. It was BAD. Didn't like it one bit, thank you very much! That is one nasty stinky habit I'm not going to miss.

10. I never thought I'd really be a "real" christian. I always thought that meant you had to be uptight and you weren't allowed to have any fun...until I developed a REAL relationship with God and anything I thought was fun about my life before pales in comparison to the peace that comes with knowing your life is in the hands of someone who knows your true heart.

And now my baby is stirring and about to wake up for her 11:00 feeding...good night :)


KISH said...

what about "mom jeans"? please tell me you'll never wear those.

Heather said...

I LOVE it! But I'm still not giving in about the sushi thing!!! :)
My favorite is #3- because at age 5my mom married my step-dad and he is "Dad" to me in every sense of that word still today!
I'm with you on the "baby weight" "baby" is three but I am still calling it that...cause it's still here, unfortunately!
Great job on the're awesome!

Erin said...

I just have to say HA to the mini-van post. And I told you so. And we should get matching ones! :)

bethany said...

I too will "never own a mini van" :) That is a gorgeous picture of Ryland on your sidebar. I only hope that my new baby will photograph as well :)

cece said...

Loved the post and after watching the difficulties of 3 car seats that only Chris could buckle, I can totally see the need for a mini-van! Also, BTW- Chris taught CC to slam on the breaks of a pretend car and make all the noises of a pretend train CHOO CHOO... so funny to listen to him talk about "Luuuuccccccy Soup" and having fun with the kids last night as we recapped our Sunday. Come back soon, CC and Lucy need to visit again and Hunter needs to get over his fear of our Giant Dog. Although I don't blame him for it. :)

Lone Butterfly said...

I'm a member of the "I'll never drive a mini-van" choir. I keep praying I'll be able to make an Expedition or an extended Explorer work.

Is it wrong to ask God to help Ford make hybrids? I'm not sure...

I also agree with the pleated pants/seasonal vests. While Rudolph may be a cute Reindeer, I don't ever want his head (with jingle bell antlers) on my chest!

Carrie said...

I totally understand about the mini van now that my kids are older I bought me a VW Beetle

Amanda said...

I'm pretty sure Jackson has a crush on the Choo Choo Soul girl. She is quite a hottie.

Linda Vujnov said...

I tell my kids that when I get a mini-van it is going to be black, with custom wheels, and flames painted down the side.

lyndsay said...

i don't even remember how i found this blog...that happens a lot in blogland, doesn't it?! but i have to tell you that i'm enjoying reading your thoughts. you crack me up!