Wednesday, October 15, 2008

She moves!!!!!!!!!!

Kevin and I have been saying, for months, that Ryland is sooooo about to crawl (she's not even six months old yet, we may have jumped the gun a tad)...she's been holding herself up on her arms and rocking a lot, but just as she was doing the up on all fours and about to make a move she figured out how to pull herself along on the blanket she plays she had no need to crawl. Hunt did the same thing. Homeboy went from rolling everywhere to walking, he then began crawling after he learned how to walk, but still...if they figure out a way to become mobile that comes easier than crawling...why crawl? Resourceful little ones, my kids.

Well lately Cierra has been a little too interested in Ryland's makes Ryland so mad too, she looks at CC and just screams at her...hilarious. And the sibling rivalry begins. Anyways, so Cierra had moved some of Ryland's favorite toys out of her reach today and after screaming at her sister, Ryland rolled off her Boppy and on to her tummy spun around into position and crawled BACKWARDS to get her toys.

She was so proud of herself too, she looked over at me with that huge gummy grin and started cracking up. She spent the rest of the afternoon crawling backwards (does that make it more of a scoot than a crawl? whatev) all over the place and actually got stuck half way under the couch a few times...

Oh...also forgot to mention that she's already trying to break out of her crib...more times than not, when I go get her in the mornings there is an appendage hanging out from between the slats. Usually she just pushes her arm under the bumper pad and then out the crib, but one morning she had both legs all the way out too. Here's hoping Walmart made a crib sturdy enough to hold my baby girl :)