Monday, October 13, 2008


Ah, yesterday I turned 28...that is a number dangerously close to 30.

This is the first birthday in 28 years I haven't spent with my Mommy! But as she put it, we were lucky to have 28 together...she moved away from her Mom when she was 21, so she knows what she's talking about!

I had a great birthday though, CeCe and Chris sent me some beautiful tulips in a very hip square vase and I got a sweet card from Sabrina...not to mention tons of texts messages and e-mails from my awesome girlfriends.

My parents and Hunt sent a box full of presents wrapped in the prettiest paper...I have pictures of all of this but the camera cord is officially lost, so I need to figure something out!

My most favorite thing I got though, is my new embroidery kit!!!!!!!!!! I saw a link on Pinkcoffee Photoart and I've been obsessing over everything on the website ever since...I have visions of embroidering everything in site with skulls, cherries and dancing spoons...but we'll see how well I actually do at it!

On Saturday we took a drive into the mountains....hands down, my favorite thing to do in Montana, but something I feel like Kevin's about to get sick of, he thinks we've seen it all...we're going to have to work out a compromise, something along the lines of...we still take drives every weekend and Kevin learns to love it. I'll keep you posted. Anyways, so on Saturday we drove up to Lolo Hotsprings and it was BEAUTIFUL...the road was at the base of two mountains and it was one of those super curvy roads that would make you car sick if the view wasn't so spectacular. At one point Cierra and I had to get out and admire a tiny patch of snow, it was the first of the season so we were very, very excited.

THEN...on the way back...get ready for the drama here...yall, we saw a bear! Kevin pulled off the side of the road and we sat there and watched a massive grizzly walk along the ridge of the mountain. It was crazy. He (the bear) would stop[ and just look at our car...and can you believe it? We didn't have a camera with us. But we saw a bear...who else can say that's what they did on Saturday? Later when we were telling my parents all about our adventure CC told my Dad that you can't go get by the bear because it'll tackle you and hurt your ear. (she's still recovering from an ear in her world, everything hurts your ear)

Sunday actual birthday...I took a bath, which was fun....taking a bath for once instead of just giving them all the time, and when I got out of the bath. IT WAS SNOWING!!!!! It snowed on my birthday :) Cierra and I tried to get pictures but snowflakes don't photograph so well. Once I figure out a solution to the lost camera cord, I'll share what we were able to capture of our first snow fall.

And just one more thing I need to mention, for sake of preserving the I type this there is a ginormous mound of CC's things in our entry way. The girls share a room and space is tight, so I'm kind of on her all the time to keep her babies and puzzles picked up. Well, today she wasn't havin' it. Today she told me that instead of picking up her things, she'd rather just throw them away. Of course I had to call her on it, so I said it was a great idea...we could give all her toys to other little girls who don't have anything...well, she took all her toys...ALL of them, even her brand new pink "pump pumps" from Grandma (pom poms...she's obsessed with all things "cheerly girl" at the moment). Her backpacks, puzzles, babies, baby accessories, her SHOES...everything is piled up in front of the door ready to be packed up in the boxes Kevin's bringing home after work. Any motherly advice on how to handle this?????? Because we all know she's going to change her mind in a day or then what? a sister out with this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alright...hopefully I'll solve the camera dilemma soon and update this post with some pictures, but in the mean time I'm off to iron my Mom jeans and find some seasonal sweater know, things almost 30 year olds do. I kid, I kid.


Linda Vujnov said...

Wow, fun! Happy birthday Erin!!

Amanda said...

How fun that it snowed on your birthday! I love it! Very cool about the bear too. I love seeing bears in Wyoming but only from the car! Unfortunately, I've got nothing for you on the toys.

pinkcoffee photoart said...

happy late birthday! i can't wait to see what you create with the embroidery kit...must post pictures!

pinkcoffee photoart said...

shut up-mom jeans and sweater vests. i'm dying laughing. i always tell my mom her christmas sweater with the surfing santa (we're in fl ya know) is cute, but i won't even consider one for me until i'm like 50. even then...i just don't know!!

cece said...

CC is too funny. Maybe you should save a box of her favorite stuff, for when she has a total meltdown and needs her "pump pumps"! Glad you had such a nice birthday!

Heather said...

Happy birthday, Erin! Glad you had such a wonderful weekend!