Monday, October 6, 2008

Food Stuff

When I grow up I want to be The Pioneer Woman.

I have been waiting for the right time to try this recipe and I finally made is last week. Holy mother of pearl. It's gooooooood yall. I'd never made anything with cabbage before but I trust P Dub when she says something's good...her food is RIDICULOUS. She's right when she says that this recipe makes enough to feed a small army....Kevin ate on it for days and it stayed good. If yall need to make something for a pot luck or whatever....make this. You'll impress, I swear.

From a link off the PW website I found this recipe for won ton soup. It kind of, FOREVER to make all the won tons, but it was super good. I didn't add the bok choy or noodles...just the won tons in broth, but it made me feel fancy so I thought I'd share. I LOVE cooking Asian food so there's a lot more on this site I'm excited to make!

This weekend Ryland decided that she likes baby food...fruit only, but it's a start. She went from only taking a few bites at a time to eating the whole jar, so that's fun. Well it was fun until this morning when she ate a whole jar of bananas (yelling at me between each bite because I couldn't feed her fast enough) and a full 8oz bottle...she started falling asleep at the end of her bottle and choked a little bit...the choking induced a coughing fit that ended with the entire jar of bananas and the full bottle all over my clothes. I called my Mom and asked if that meant I had to feed Ryland again.

And now CC and I are off to Cold Stone...there's one within walking distance to us and a kid's cup is only $1.50 (no sales tax in MT) and it makes for great bribery. "CC, if you let Mommy sleep for five more minutes we can go get ice cream today" every time!


cece said...

Yum... So you're spending your days cooking, walking for ice cream... I guess that kinda evens out the banana episode.

Oh and I love P Dub as well, I've never tried her recipes..but everything always looks so good!

Heather said...

I love that you call her "p dub!" You are hilarious! now you have me wanting some ice cream, though....and ours isn't QUITE in walking distance!!! (Plus it's dinner time!) maybe afterwards, who knows?!?!?