Friday, October 3, 2008

Keepin it real

I wouldn't be me if I didn't through a little randomness in the mix.

First of all, thank you for all the kind words after my last post! I was kind of nervous to put it all out there about Hunt...maybe because if you'd asked me five months ago if I would have made this decision I would have said, not no, but HELL-O NO (a nine year old taught me that)...and I probably would have thought a Mother was sub-human for making the same decision I ended up making. Apparently I needed a little life lesson on judgement right? Anyways, thank you for the prayers and support.

Talking about leaving Houston on my last post has kind of opened the flood gates...I'm a super emotional person and when I feel a rush coming on I try to divert it. I'm not ready for a good cry yet...mainly because I know that when I do let it out I won't have my Mom or my good friends right there if I need them. Well all this bottling it up is starting to get to me. My friend Amanda (yall know her, yall read her blog) just posted about Sonic not really being up to par...the thought of not being able to go run out for a Junior Burger and Route 44 Diet Coke just made tears well up! Are you kidding me? Over SONIC? This just after I listened to a Christmas song my friend Crystal recorded...if I knew how to put it on here I would. She is AMAZING. I'm coming to the realization that if I don't let it out soon I'm going to end up losing it over a commercial or something ridiculous like that!

Cierra just asked me if "cheese the wheels" was a bad word...she was going for "jeez louise"

Speaking of fast food...when I go back to Houston in November for Hunt's sixth birthday and Thanksgiving I plan on eating the following: my weight in mexican food, Jack-in-the-Box (you don't want it until it's not there), Chick-Fil-A, Sonic, What-a-Burger (what's with Texas fast food having all the hyphenation?), sushi - and lots of it, sea food, something cajun, chorizo and eggs from a taco mouth is watering. I love Montana, but food is not their forte...bless their hearts, they try on mexican food and sushi....but when you're that far from Mexico and the coast, you really just shouldn't go there.

My Mom just called...they're finally picking up the pile of debris from their yard this morning and it's inmates doing the labor! She said they're wearing orange and white jumpsuits and it says County Jail on the back! Crazy!!!!

I'm boycotting The View. I hate how they have poor Elisabeth there as the token Republican. Dumb ol Joy and Whoopi don't even let her get a word in...she could be in the middle of a very valid and well researched point and they cut her off. I think Sarah Palin could single handedly save the economy and they still wouldn't give her enough credit...not saying that she could single handedly save the economy, I was just making a point. Anywho, it gets my blood I'm not going there anymore.

Do yall have one of those friends who you call right before you're about to freak out so she can tell you if you have reason to lose it or if you're just being hormonal? I do. Her name is CeCe. She's saved me from LOTS of ridiculous outbursts. Anyways, last night we had a date to watch Grey's Anatomy, drink wine, and text eachother during the show with lots of "oh no she didn't"s...well the debates interrupted out date. I was so mad I didn't watch them...and I normally would have. If yall don't have a CeCe....go get one!!!!!!

Ryland has very significant feelings towards her food. She will NOT, under any circumstances, eat Rice Cereal out of a bowl. If she's in the mood, she'll take pears from a spoon...but those times are few and far between. I'm not going to start panicking over her spoon hatred until she's six months old...that's my own personal timeline. Also, when you try to give her the bottle and she doesn't want it she arches her back, kicks her legs out, squeezes the mouth tight and her whole face is bright red...if she doesn't want to eat, sister isn't eating. And when she's drinking her bottle and she decides she's done she just spits what ever' in her mouth out....and with force. But when she's happy about eating she smiles at her bottle and talks to it when she's done. I think I'm in for it with this one!

Ry's favorite toys right now are her toes and her Daddy's empty water bottles. She'll play with her soft books and babies if you give them to her, but she usually just rolls away from them after about five minutes and sticks her toes in her mouth instead.

Anyways, I could go on...rambling is what I do best...but I need to cut it short and go wash the dishes...not that what I just wrote was short by any means, so I guess I should have said short-ER....I'm going to cut it short-er. Whatever.


Amanda said...

I just want to know why the debates had to be on a Thursday night and not some other day when nothing good is on! Also, maybe in the absence of good Mexican food your standards will start to lower. May God have mercy on your tastebuds.

Michelle said...

You missing Sonic made me think of the food places I love that PA just doesn't have...I lived in Vegas before moving here and I can't even express how much I miss Del Taco and Weinershnitzel!!! Jack-in-the-box is high up there on my list too! The sad part is that the food at those places isn't great, I just WANT it!

Keri said...

I love your blog!!!

You're making me think that my Mexican food that I love so much is the food you aren't loving. LOL! Does it matter that the restaurant I eat at is owned by Mexicans that can barely speak English??

The Barfuss Family said...

I was so ticked about Grey's being interrupted. Friday night TV would have been a much better time for those debates that make no sense to me!

Heather said...

Okay, first of shame in crying about know we all love it!!! :) And definitely know what you mean about the Mexican food...Arkanasas may be geographically close, but they are FAR OFF in their interpretation. I missed Grey's and can't wait for it this week!
I am praying for you there in Montana...glad you have a great husband and still have CeCe!!! You guys can have your date this week! May there be lots of "oh no she didn't"'s!