Tuesday, January 13, 2009

some teaching, and a little clarification

We once again interupt this IBH to bring you a post courtesy of One Minute Writer

Truth be told, I miss blogging...since I've been staying home, it's my version of office chatter...and I guess a little insight into the IBH wouldn't hurt.

I've realized it doesn't make much sense to have a blog that would lead yall to believe it's all about my kids, when all I really do is talk about myself...and since I'm truly a work in progress, I decided to change the title to Erin Under Construction.

I also never took the time to as my partner if it would be ok with him if I started a blog and shared our family's details with the world wide web...turns out not all of us are the sharing type. So I've had trouble writing a post since I've decided to take my kids out of the posting equation (not that they won't get mentioned, I'm human...but no more pictures and specific details)...until I read today's prompt on One Minute Writer:

What information or skill would you like to teach to others?

As a parent, this one really intrigued me...I mean doesn't that question pretty much guide our every waking moment? When you hear your three year old scold her babies it's like looking into a mirror, is that really the kind of maternal influence you want to be? Or what about when your six year old calls someone a "hater"...or even when they repeat song lyrics and can recite commercials. When the elections were in full swing, my big girl would say, "I approve this message"...I mean, it was hysterical, but just wrong, ya know?

There are so many things I want for my kids. I want them to be honest and funny and loyal. I want them to have a strong sense of right and wrong. I want them to have conviction in their decisions. I want them to be strong within themselves and not easily influenced. I want my daughters to know they're beautiful and I want my son to be a gentleman. But above all, I want my kids to be respectful.

I never really understood the true meaning of respect until a person from my past pointed out jut how disrespectful I could be. We were in a relationship and I wasn't a very nice person. I didn't respect his feeling towards me, I didn't respect his ambitions in life, I pretty much acted like a brat for eight months. I thought I was respectful to him because I used words like please and thank you...I confused respect with politeness.

I think being truly respectful is about putting yourself in other people's shoes. Imagine yourself being the checker at a busy Wal Mart, dealing with hurried people all day who don't take the time to smile at you. I get so frustrated when I see people being rude to teenage kids working retail...what if that was your kid?

I think about the number of relationships what could be salvaged if people treated each other with more respect. Sure your day is hard going into the office to deal with angry or demanding customers, but at least you can go to the bathroom without an audience...or at least your day ends at 5:00. On the same token, being a stay at home Mom is NOT, N.O.T. an easy gig, but neither is carrying around the burden of being your family's sole provider.

What about the boss/employee dynamic? I mean, we've all had our fair share of rude boss moments, but how many times have we stopped to think about their savings they invested in starting a company...a company that they're trusting us to help make successful?

I know I sound waaaaay preachy right now, and Lord knows I've fall VERY short of being the perfect girlfriend/customer/employee...but the difference is, I'm now aware of it. I'm working very hard on making my decisions in a respectful manner...and I've found that I feel a LOT less regrets living this way.

Alright...no real way to end this. I guess the IBH is over...I'll just be posting a little differently now. And if yall every feel a little writers block, head on over to One Minute Writer...it's kind of like the beginning of English class in high school, but you can't get in trouble :)

oh...and thanks Kisha, for introducing me to the site!


KISH said...

you're welcome. i need to use it more often. i've been having somewhat of a writer's block as well. but i loved this post. especially the part about your boss investing his money and relying on you to help his investment succeed. i can relate because of my dad's business....i think you are wonderful writer and have a keen sense on how to put thoughts together.

Erin said...

why thank you my friend :)

Heather said...

Glad to read a post from you....no matter what it's about!!! Praying that you guys are doing well.

I am Trish Marie said...

Well said.

Respect is a hard thing to teach kiddos. Especially lately when it doesn't seem to be demanded by teachers, coaches, and other parents. Sure, they expect politeness. But you are right, respect is something altogther different. I think if I can raise my girls to be gracious and respectful (two things I think I often lack), then I will have done my job.

Leyla said...

Great post! It really makes me think. I'm looking foward to more!