Tuesday, January 27, 2009


...if you haven't read what I posted yesterday, this will make little to no sense....but that's how I roll.

Kisha...Oh, how I wish I was exaggerating on the job market here. Unfortunately, that one was true. Even worse, my pay rate is exactly 1/2 of what I was making in Houston. I'm just thankful I got this job!

Sophia...you're a straight hater. It is soooooooo not the working out one. I loves me some gym now! If you weren't my sister I'd probably dis-own you for that comment...I kid :) Oh, and write a new blog please!

Lyndsay....now, I see where you're coming from. I did kind of contradict myself there, but I have a REALLY hard time sleeping, so I do many many things whilst trying to catch my Z's...including, but not limited to: writing blogs in my head, fake conversations with people of all sort, ideas for a novel I can write that would inspire Ellen to have me on her show, inventions, what I would do with 20 million dollars, what I would look like with blond or red hair, what clothes I would buy if I miraculously woke up 20 lbs lighter....etc

Sadly, the only lie on that list was about ...my other pretend friend, (also named Lyndsay...what's up with that?) the amazing photographer coming to Montana. But I'm thinking that maybe I inspired a vacation she'd never thought of :)

Here is a link to some Missoula vacation info...personally, I think yall should all come see me this summer. The weather is amazing. The Farmers Market is probably the coolest thing ever. There's a river to float (Kish...I know I got you with this one), lakes, mountains, all sorts of awesomeness...and good shopping too.

Alright, that sounded a little needy and pathetic didn't it? I'm going to go drown my sorrows in flavored creamer with a shot of coffee!


Heather said...

You know I am (unfortunately) wish you on the going to sleep thing....congrats on the new job, even if it's not your dream job!!!

cece said...

What are you eating? I'm eating carbs, but ones with fiber.

cece said...

Check your email, I wrote it all down for you. :)

Keri said...

YAY!! So you really do tell off Whoopi. Awesome.

prashant said...

congrats on the new job, even if it's not your dream job!!

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jimi said...

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