Monday, November 10, 2008


Recently, I've been accused of being overly indecisive. I'm not going to name names, but I happen to live with said accuser. At first I blew it off...ya, indecisive, whatever. I'm just easy going. I'm as laid back as they come. I can't get all hot and bothered over such trivial things like making decisions.

Indecisive? Me? I don't think so.

Then I started thinking...dangerous, I know. More like obsessing. What he might think is indecisive-ed-ness is actually a very through thought process being played out in front of him. Instead of being annoyed, he should feel lucky to be privy to the inner workings of such a complex mind.

This is how it went down:

When Texas played OU my initial reaction was to go for Texas. Montana girl needs to be loyal to the Lone Star State right? Well, mid game my inner Aggie kicked in and there was no turning back. The Maroon in my blood wouldn't allow me to root for the enemy any longer. So I decided to root for OU instead. If yall aren't familiar with the outcome, I ended up picking the losing team. Those Longhorns always look so smug. Saw 'em off.

Same thing happened with the World Series. Prior to mating with a football player I was always a die hard baseball fan. I love love LOVE the Houston Astros, but the last two years have been spent knee deep in the pig I didn't even know who was vying for a spot in the World Series until we watched Tampa Bay win their series. Since we were along for their ride, and I didn't have any real ties to the Phillies, I decided I was going for the Rays. That was until I remembered my all time number one crush, Brad Lidge, was now pitching for Philadelphia. So I switched. And I think I took four years off Kevin's life.

As crazy as it makes him, he's come to expect that my standard answer to "what do you want to eat?" will always be, "I don't care...whatever", but now my alleged indecisive-ed-ness is interfering with his beloved, I'm flip-flopping teams during sporting events. How dare I? THE AUDACITY! And these aren't any ol sporting events! We're talking about the Red River Shoot Out and The World Series here!

I've tried explaining to him that I just have to go with my gut on these things. Sometimes I have to watch a little to decide who I'm going to pledge my undying loyalty to (for the next few hours at least).

Plus, I'm a girl. I pick teams because I think their city is preferable to the opponents city. Or because I like their uniform better. Maybe they have a better mascot. I mean who wants to spend hours yelling things like "let's go Nittany Lions!" I don't care how good Penn State is (or was, before the lost to Iowa) can't root for a team who's mascot is a made up animal! Right?

**Sidenote, UFC fights are an entirely different always pick the better looking fighter. I almost didn't mention this because it's such common knowledge, but I thought I'd be fair and include it.**

Let me give you an example: Right now we're watching Monday Night Football, this is an easy decision for me...My reasons for choosing the Arizona Cardinals are three fold. One, McCain is from Arizona and I feel bad about the outcome of the election, so it's the least I can do. Two, I grew up in Tempe. Three, Pat Tillman, (a player who enlisted after 9-11 and was killed in combat) enough said.

But what if the Cardinals start beating San Fransisco really bad and they get all cocky? What if they start yelling ugly things like, "what's a 49er anyways?" "Yall don't even have a real mascot" "who's going to dress up like a gold miner?" What if their cheerleaders start actin a fool and picking fights amongst themselves? Am I expected to remain loyal amidst all this ridiculousness? Of course not. Does that make me indecisive? NO.

The definition of indecisive is, "one who can not make a decision" (I just made up that definition...I'm not gonna lie).

I CAN make a decision.

I just DECIDED to change my mind!


Keri said...

You are hilarious!!! I love this post! I was cracking up!!!!! I'm so glad we stumbled upon each other's blogs! You're a blessing. :) Keep it up, girl.

As a side word verification for this comment is "skimidip". Is like skinny-dip?!?! WOOHOO :)

pinkcoffee photoart said...

and you have EVERY right to change your mind! your posts always make me laugh out loud...people are staring. :)

Heather said...

You are cracking me up! I tend to pick my teams "like a girl", too. And I can NEVER decide what I want to eat. I have to say, though, your rooting for OU hurts my OSU-alumni heart!!!! We're still friends, though! :)

Leyla said...

I have family that every year try and talk me into cheering for the longhorns. I can't...I will always cheer for OU, over t.u. As much as I hate Texas Tech, I will even cheer for them against Texas. It's that Maroon pumping in our veins! :)

BTW- I totally agree with the UFC fighters! I love Andre Orlovski!!!